Beat Saber OST3 Update Brings 6 New Songs, Custom Everything

Beat Saber OST3

Beat Saber OST3 is officially out, and it’s bringing 6 new original songs with it to the rhythm slashing VR game. Just like the other two original soundtracks (OST), these 6 new songs are completely unique to Beat Saber and aren’t sourced from anywhere else. That’s in contrast to several other music packs and additional songs that are created by various artists and were deemed ideal for playing in Beat Saber.

Beat Games’ own creative team has partnered with several other artists to create an amazing new collection of songs that’s sure to get you sweating as Summer finally starts to give way to cool Fall air. The latest soundtrack features two returning names, Jan Ilavsky from Beat Games, and Boom Kitty of Rum & Bass fame. Rum & Bass was featured on the second OST and is among the most unique songs found in any of the OSTs.

The remaining four are from artists that are brand new to the Beat Saber world. That’s Morgan Page, Pegboard Nerds, PIXL, and Slippy for those keeping track. If you’re not at home or can’t play right now, you can at least check out the full soundtrack on any of your favorite music services including Spotify and Google Play Music right now.


New Features Too

In addition to 6 heart-pumping new songs, Beat Games has added a slew of new customization options for all areas of Beat Saber. The most exciting for many folks will certainly be the custom color picker, which lets you change the colors of everything you can think of in the game. Want purple and yellow sabers instead of red and blue? How about changing the light colors and wall colors? All of it is possible in this latest update and it brings the core game one step closer to par with the insane customizability of the modded versions of the game.

These new custom color options are particularly helpful for folks that might be colorblind and may have had issues with playing the game before. This, paired with the additional single-saber modes means that Beat Saber is now more accessible than ever for people with various physical impairments.

Looking for more customization? If you’re running Beat Saber on an Oculus Quest, give SideQuest a try. This third-party tool allows you to safely add tons of customization options to Beat Saber including custom sabers that look completely different from the original ones, as well as custom stages and songs. While this new official update lays the groundwork for custom sabers and songs within the game, the SideQuest-style modifications still offer more options than you’ll get with the base game.


SideQuest-type mods also enable unofficial song packs which will add an unbelievable amount of replayability to a game that’s already chock full of options and content.

The update should be available on all major platforms at noon PST, including the Oculus Store for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, Steam for SteamVR-powered headsets (HTC Vive, Valve Index), and the PlayStation Store for PS VR. As always, this OST update is free since it’s part of the original soundtrack for the core game itself. Beat Games has been unparalleled in its support for the game since the original content launch a year and a half ago, and the official launch of the retail version of the game earlier this year has been met with several major updates and dozens of new songs, too.