Save $50 On Anker's PowerCore+ 19000 PD Power Bank

anker powercore 19000 pd deal AH

The Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD power bank is a whopping $50 off today.

Now it is priced at just $69.99. That is when you clip the on-page coupon for $50 off.

While that still sounds like a lot for a power bank, it’s actually a really good deal. You see, this is a USB-C PD or Power Delivery battery pack, which is going to allow you to charge larger things like a Nintendo Switch or even a laptop while you’re on the go.


That’s the main reason why this is so expensive. That’s because USB-C PD is still a new technology, so it’s not cheap. But it also needs a lot of power, which is also not cheap.

At 19000mAh capacity, you’re going to be able to charge your smartphone a few times with this battery pack. You’ll also be able to charge your Nintendo Switch twice. You may get a full charge on your laptop from this, but that’s going to depend on what size battery is in your laptop.

For instance, it can charge my MacBook Pro from 0 to around 95-percent on a single charge. Which is pretty impressive to be honest, but not quite a full cycle unfortunately.


This battery pack also features a USB-A port for those that need to charge their laptop and smartphone at the same time. The USB-A port does feature Anker’s own PowerIQ technology, so you’re still getting some fast speeds.

For those that do a lot of traveling, this battery pack is a steal. Being able to charge virtually everything from this one battery pack, is insanely convenient. Whether that’s your laptop and smartphone, smartphone and tablet, or even just a smartwatch. It can do it all, and then some.

You can pick up the Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD battery pack from Amazon by clicking here.

Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD - Amazon - $69.99