Android 10 Is Releasing On September 3


After announcing the rebranding for Android Q last week, Google was pretty quiet about when Android 10 would be releasing.

Now, we're hearing that the release date is going to be September 3. This comes from PhoneArena who have received a few tips from people contacting Google Support asking that question.

There are two separate instances where Google Support reps have stated the September 3 date for releasing Android 10. Making it seem pretty likely that it'll happen that day.


Normally we would be taking this with a grain of salt, as support representatives don't always know what they are talking about and are often wrong.

But having two separate reps saying the same date, is likely not a coincidence.

A later release than usual

If Android 10 is indeed releasing on September 3 this year, that would mean a slightly later release than usual.


Google has in the past, released the new version of Android around mid-August. It usually happens ahead of IFA. This is how it has worked out since Google started doing open betas for Android, and releasing it before the Nexus/Pixel smartphone launch in October.

Which technically, it is still ahead of IFA, since that doesn't start until September 6 this year. But it is a few weeks later than usual.

Don't read to much into that though. A later release doesn't necessarily mean that Google is taking longer than expected to tidy up a few bugs and get Android 10 ready to go. It could also be part of Google's new plan for Android, with the whole rebranding thing.


Pixels will be first to get Android 10

No surprises here, the Pixel lineup will be first to get Android 10 when it does launch next month. That's one of the big reasons to get a Pixel anyways, is the fast updates.

It'll start with the Pixel 3 lineup, and then move to the Pixel 2 and Pixel smartphones. It'll likely happen all on the same day, or at least in the same week.

We could see some other manufacturers out there pushing out Android 10 rather quickly too. Essential and HMD Global (Nokia) are normally pretty fast with updates. And that's because they run a stock version of Android or Android One, which makes it much easier. Not to mention, both have been in the beta program for Android and had early access to the code.


September 3 is only about a week away. So we could be seeing that final version of Android 10 very soon. And that's going to be a pretty exciting time.

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