Here's What Android 10 Will Look Like On Your Galaxy Smartphone


After Google officially announced that Android Q would simply be Android 10 yesterday, we're now seeing a leak of what Android 10 might look like on a Samsung smartphone.

This leak is an early build of Android 10 with One UI 2.0 running on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

From what we can see in this leak, One UI 2.0 doesn't boast a whole lot of changes. There are some changes to the gesture navigation however. With the back button moving to the sides. Allowing you to swipe in from the left or right to go back.


Quick Settings is getting a minor makeover

Quick Settings on a Galaxy smartphone has been pretty easy to use. With the majority of the toggles being towards the lower half of the display.

However, Samsung is looking to change that up with One UI 2.0. Instead of having a lot of empty space at the top, it's now going to take up the entire display, and show a lot more Quick Settings.

It will show another row of toggles, so instead of 3×4, it'll be 4×4. Making some of these toggles much easier to get too.


This is actually a really good thing for those that are using larger phones like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and its 6.8-inch display. It's going to make it easier to use these toggles, since you're going to have larger targets to touch. It's also going to make it much easier to read.

New Android 10 Security Features will appear on Your Galaxy Smartphone

Google added a ton of new security options into Android 10.

For instance, you can now give permission to an app to use your location only when the app is open and so forth.


All of these options seem to be located under the "Local" tab in the settings.

Though the person that did the video, showing off this build of Android 10 and One UI 2.0, did not dive into those settings, it's pretty clear what those are going to be.

These are now Samsung specific, as they are available in most Android 10 devices.


Samsung has not yet mentioned when it plans to upgrade all of its smartphones to Android 10 just yet. Only Nokia has made that announcement. But if we are going off of history, Samsung will likely have it available for the Galaxy S10 around the end of the year. With the Galaxy Note 10 line getting it in early 2020.

The reason for the slower rollout with Samsung is the fact that it is also putting its One UI skin on top, and it's also getting a new version of One UI. Which means that getting an Android update to your Galaxy smartphone will take longer than you'd want it too.

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