Why Amazon Prime Student Is Worth It

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It’s back to school season. Some kids have already gone back to school, while others will be in the next few weeks.

And this brings up something that we ask every year. Whether Amazon Prime Student is worth the price.

Well the skinny of it is, yes, it is definitely worth it.


Amazon Prime Student

What’s Included in Amazon Prime Student?

First things first, let’s talk about what is included in Amazon Prime Student.

Essentially, it is an Amazon Prime account, but with a few added things for Students. So, naturally you get free two-day shipping from Amazon.com. You also get Amazon Prime Video and other Amazon services. Amazon offers different student-only promotions and giveaways too. Allowing you to save even more.


There’s also a big discount on Amazon Music Unlimited, which is going to be big for college students. Especially if you are one that likes to listen to music while you are studying for that big test or mid-term or final exam. It’s going to be the cheapest streaming music service around, and that is another big reason to get Amazon Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Student

But where things get even better for students is, the fact that you’re getting Prime for half off of its regular price. And that includes a free six month trial (though not quite everything that is included in Prime Student, is part of the free trial). So if you sign up today, you won’t be paying for Prime Student until February of next year. Allowing you to really check out the service before paying for it.

Amazon Prime Student costs $59 per year, or you can pay monthly for $6.49 per month.


Who is eligible for Amazon Prime Student?

Eligibility for Prime Student is pretty simple.

There’s three things you need. You’ll need to be currently enrolled in school (if it’s during the summer, you just need to be enrolled for the fall). You also don’t need to take a full load of classes, just one class is enough.

You are also going to need to have a valid .edu email address, and provide proof of enrollment to Amazon.


These requirements might seem tedious, like Amazon is spying on you or something. But this is to make sure that these perks are only for students and not for those that are no longer students.

Amazon offers special deals and promotions for Prime Student members

Amazon routinely offers special discounts to students that are part of its Prime Student program. Which makes it a really impressive perk of this program.

Currently, it is offering up Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 per month. This regularly goes for $9.99 per month. So you’re saving 90-percent on this subscription service. And this is not for a limited time, this is the regular price for Prime Students. Amazon Music Unlimited boasts over 50 million songs that you can listen to. This includes streaming and downloading for offline playback. This is going to make those study sessions a lot more fun.


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Right now, Amazon is also offering up three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. This is another subscription service that Amazon has. Allowing users to read unlimited number of books on their Kindle. And where a lot of textbooks are now available as ebooks, this can be a very viable product to sign up for.

Amazon is also discounting Echo devices up to 40-percent. Among many other deals going on right now at Amazon for Prime Student members.


Amazon Prime Student

Unlimited free two-day shipping will come in clutch while away at college

Like regular Amazon Prime, Prime Student also comes with unlimited free two-day shipping. You can also get next-day and even same-day delivery, though that isn’t free.

This is something that is going to come in clutch when you’re away at college. Especially if you live in an area that does Amazon Fresh. Being able to get your groceries delivered to your door from Amazon, is a pretty big deal. As that means that you won’t need to have a car while you’re living away from home. And it means that you don’t need to set aside time to go to Walmart or Whole Foods and do some grocery shopping. Definitely important if you are in the middle of studying for a big test or final that’s coming up.


Groceries isn’t the only thing that this helps with though. Imagine needing to get some new notebooks, or something else you need for class, right away. Instead of having to pay the more expensive prices that are charged at the stores on and near campus, you can order from Amazon, and it’ll be there fairly quickly.

The same-day delivery from Amazon does come in clutch for a lot of people, but it’s not available in every city just yet. So depending on where you’re going to school, you may have same-day delivery, or you may have to settle for next-day delivery – which is usually $3.99.

Getting unlimited free two-day delivery for half price is definitely the biggest reason to sign up for Amazon Prime Student.

You’re getting half off of Amazon Prime

As mentioned already, getting Amazon Prime for half-price, is the biggest reason to sign up for Prime Student. With the price of Prime going up pretty steadily in the past few years, it only makes sense. $59 per year for Amazon Prime Student, is a steal.

On top of that, you’re getting a six-month free trial of Prime. Who can say no to that?

With Prime Student, you’re getting that unlimited free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Twitch Prime, heavily discounted Amazon Music Unlimited and so much more. And as a student, it can really come in handy, having that two-day shipping. For instance, if you have been procrastinating about buying a book for your class that starts tomorrow, Amazon can have it to you tomorrow, or the next day. And it’ll be much less than the bookstore on campus.

Unlimited streaming with Prime Video is another big part of getting Prime Student. Instead of needing to pay for Netflix, you can just get Prime Video and still have access to a ton of shows that you can watch when you’re relaxing on the weekend, or just taking a break from studying. While your parents may think that you should be in class and/or studying the entire time you’re at school, we all know that’s not the case. There needs to be some time where you can just sit back and relax a bit.

Amazon Prime Student

Be careful when it comes to impulse spending

We’ve all been there. Browsing Amazon, and seeing something that we kind of want, being on sale right now. So we buy it. But did we need to buy it? Probably not. Did we have the extra money to spend on that money? Probably not. So with Amazon Prime Student, you still need to exercise some self-restraint and make sure you don’t get too carried away with impulse spending. Even if you can get it delivered in the next 48 hours. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily need that item right now.

That’s not just the case for Amazon though. You need to keep that in mind for any site that you may frequent. Or any store you may frequent. I can’t tell you how much impulse buying I did at Best Buy while I was in college, and about 90-percent of what I bought, I did not need. So take that as a warning to be careful out there with your spending while you’re at college. Especially if you are only working part-time.

Wrap Up

Amazon Prime Student was probably the best thing I signed up for while I was in college. Of course, ten years ago when I started college, Prime Student was even cheaper (about $39), but at today’s price it’s still definitely worth the price. As I’ve mentioned many times in this article, being able to get virtually anything shipped to you in two days, for free, is a very big deal for college life.

Whether you’re living on-campus in the dorm, or have your own apartment, Amazon can be a lifesaver for all sorts of things.

In addition to that, the promotions and giveaways that Amazon does for Prime Student members is also a pretty big deal. I mean, getting 40-percent off of Echo devices right now is a Prime Day/Black Friday price. Or getting Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 per month. That’s a price that every student can actually afford too.

If you’re interested in signing up for Amazon Prime Student, you can do so using the link below. Keep in mind that not all of the Prime Student features are available in the trial (like Kindle Unlimited, etc). Also keep in mind that if you have signed up for Prime before, you aren’t going to be able to get that six month trial. Though, if you have had Prime before, you already know how great it is, and probably don’t need the trial. But getting six months free is not shabby either.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student below.

Amazon Prime Student