Amazon Begins Selling The Roborock S6 for a Special Price


The Roborock S6 is now available on Amazon in the US. Roborock has been making incredible robot vacuums for years, and each release has marked several improvements to the design, reliability, and overall value. Roborock launched its third generation robot vacuum this Spring, and we really loved just about everything it brought to the table. The original launch covered three European countries, but since then Roborock's distribution channels have spread out a bit, now officially making their way to Amazon's virtual shelves (and giant warehouses).

While eBay has been the seller of choice for Roborock up until now, Amazon is a purchasing method that most people are more than comfortable with, and the availability of Amazon Prime shipping and Amazon's award-winning customer service generally seals the deal for most folks. While the Roborock S6 typically retails for $649.99, Roborock is putting its best robot vacuum on sale for this launch and is pricing it at $579.99. That's a whopping $70 for the best robot vacuum you can buy at this price range.

Be sure to jump on this deal quickly though, as it is only valid from Monday, August 12th to Sunday, August 18th, 2019. The Roborock S6 will be available at this price on Amazon in that sleek black color, which really looks fantastic and unassuming in any home. Make sure you place a checkmark in the coupon box located under the pricetag on the Amazon page listing to apply the coupon!


Roborock S6 - Amazon

A brilliant robot vacuum

What's so great about the Roborock S6? While it may not sound super important, the Roborock S6 launches with the first quad-core processor Roborock has ever put into a robot vacuum. That may not sound impressive, but that extra processing power has allowed Roborock to build the most advanced navigation system we've ever seen on a robot vacuum, and it enables an entirely new set of features that previous generations of Roborock vacuums don't have access to.

Using the same Mi Home app, owners of the Roborock S6 can view their home's floor plan layout, which is automatically generated by the vacuum as it cleans, and can separate the map out into logical rooms. Rooms can be individually cleaned with the touch of a button, and you can even mop hard floors with the included wet mopping attachment.


The navigational intelligence in the Roborock S6 features a dynamic mapping system that can adapt to any change in the environment and plan a more detailed cleaning based on the size and shape of objects you have in your home. Most robot vacuums clean in straight lines in an attempt to cover your home in a grid-like fashion, but this doesn't always get every nook and cranny in existence. The Roborock S6 is smart enough to be able to deviate from this grid-pattern without missing significant portions of a room, and will even increase the suction when it gets to a carpeted area as well.

That suction increase, surprisingly, comes with a noise level decrease when compared to previous generations of vacuums from the company, and is as much as 50% quieter when running in regular or quiet modes. This, coupled with the scheduling features make the S6 one of the most compelling robot vacuums to buy, and now it's easier than ever to do so thanks to the Amazon availability.

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