10 Best GPS Phone Trackers For Android

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GPS phone tracking is not a new technology. It has been in the market for a while. You have obviously seen countless apps that can track a phone through its GPS location.

However, day by day there are apps that take the bar to the next level by adding so many more features. This can make it confusing for one to choose their favorite GPS phone tracker app.

This is why I will give you the 10 best GPS phone tracker for Android in this article.


Best GPS Phone Tracker for Android

#1 Cocospy

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There cannot be a talk of best GPS tracker apps possible without Cocospy claiming the first spot. It is not just the absolute best phone location tracking application, but it is also the simplest one to use.

Using Cocospy to track phone location is a piece of cake. This is probably why Cocospy is used by millions of users all over the world to track cell phone location.


What Makes Cocospy the Best GPS Phone Tracker

There are plenty of reasons for someone to love Cocospy. A few of them include:

No App Installations:


You don’t have to download any app on your phone or PC to track someone’s GPS location. It works through a dashboard that can open on ANY web browser.

Easy Installation:

You can get started with Cocospy with three simple steps (as I will demonstrate in the next section). Therefore, you don’t need to do any hard work on your part.


Stealthy App:

Cocospy works quietly like a ninja. If you are using Cocospy, the other person will not even know you are tracking their location (unless you decide to tell them yourself).

There are many other reasons to love Cocospy. However, I suggest you check them out in the free demo that is available on Cocospy’s website.


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In Cocospy’s Location monitor, the device’s live location will be available here along with the recent locations too. You can gain knowledge about the whereabouts of the person completely.

Further, you can take advantage of the Geofencing feature as well. It allows you to restrict the user’s location to a particular boundary as you desire. If the location crosses this boundary, you get an alert.


#2 Spyic

If there is any app in the market that stands in the same space as Cocospy, it is Spyic. It offers a web-based GPS location tracker that will enable you to monitor any device 24×7.

It is simple and easy, does not require root or jailbreak, and is quite fun to use. Not only that, there are countless other features too that you can enjoy.

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#3 Find My Device

If you wonder how to track a cell phone location without installing software, Google’s Find My device is a good solution. It is an online interface that lets you track a phone’s location without installing any app on the phone itself. You will, however, require Google ID of the device you wish to track.

#4 Life360

Life360 is a GPS tracker for both iOS and Android. It’s Android solution comes by the name of ‘Family Locator’ in the play store. It is a useful app to know the location of your dear ones.

#5 Google Timeline

Google Time is the Google’s response to Apple’s Find My iPhone. However, Google Time works not only on iOS but Android as well. You can find this option in the Google Maps app present on the phone.

To track the location of any phone through Google Timeline, you will need to know the Google ID of the target phone.

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#6 Google Maps

Besides using Google Timeline, there is another option in Google Maps that enables location sharing. To do this, you have to open maps and go to the ‘Share’ tab.

This allows you to send your location link to any person. They can track you as long as you want (the limit being forever).

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#7 GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker app is a robust and accurate GPS tracker that helps you locate your phones and your kids. It is designed to help you find your kids’ location by mobile number in a very accurate and fast way.

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✓ Totally free for an endless number of users. All features are free.
✓ You can see the complete location history for free.
✓ Get GPS notifications, when one of your kids are nearby.
✓ Phone tracker app uses both cell tracking and GPS tracking to optimize battery usage and accuracy of the location.
✓ Find your lost or stolen phone easily.
✓ The app works with all mobile network operators.
✓ You will get an instant notification when your kids move from one location to another. No need to refresh locations to get the latest location updates.

#8 Geo Tracker – GPS tracker

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If you’re looking for an excellent gps tracker, if you’re a fan of action sports and long distance travel – this app is for you!

Record tracks of your trips and share them with your friends!

Geo Tracker can help:

  • making the reverse journey in an unfamiliar area without getting lost
  • tell your friends how to repeat your route
  • use someone else’s route that is stored in GPX or KML
  • mark important or interesting points of your trip.

It offers location tracking through the iCloud website. All you will need to do is Go to their website and login with the iCloud ID of the target phone.

#9 Glympse

Glympse is a minimalistic app that can track any GPS location. If you want to know the precise location of a person, all you have to do is require a ‘Glympse’ through this app. If that person allows, you will get a short window of their live location.

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#10 Whatsapp

Did you know that even Whatsapp allows for live location sharing? Yes, that’s true.

If you are texting with someone and all of a sudden you wish to know where they are, you can simply ask them to send you their live location through Whatsapp. However, this location will only last for up to eight hours.

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Now that I have given you the 10 best GPS phone tracker apps, it is up to you to decide which app to choose. It mainly depends on what you require.

In my experience, there is nothing I like more than Cocospy and Spyic. This is because these apps enable me to track the location of a phone without the person even finding out.

The best part is that they offer tons of other unimaginable features too!

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