5G Is Around The Corner – Will It Boost Mobile Gaming?

5G Logo Illustration AH May 6 19

Are you ready for the onslaught of 5G? Man, it feels like we’ve only just settled down with 4G network; can the world stop for a second? Actually, no… it’s good that technology is advancing at such a super-fast rate. This is especially the case for mobile gaming. Do you feel the shift away from console gaming and the PC “master race” vibe? Let’s find out.

What Is 5G and When Is It Coming?


Stuff the space race, the gun for the 5G race has already gone off. It’s anticipated that in only a few years, half of smartphone users will be on 5G.

5G testing started years ago, but 2019 is when we can expect it to be fully accessible to mainstream users. Like any form of technology, it’ll come at a cost, of course; the major mobile network operators will jump on the back of the “now generation” attitude, fully aware that people will pay crazy prices for the latest tech fashion.

But, that’s cool; the choice ultimately lies with the public. However, it’s hard to ignore that 5G will bring some awesome plus points—some of which might not be that important to smartphone users, but some definitely will:

  • Much faster speed.
  • Reduced latency—excellent for mobile gaming!
  • Maintained strong bandwidth in high-population areas.

5G testing is naturally done in built-up areas to appeal to the masses, and the outlook looks impressive. The speed of 5G is anticipated to be 100 times faster than 4G.

You can expect there to be an adjustment in terms of mobile data packages. As the market evolves, more and more data will need to be pushed down to smartphones. Games will grow in capacity as the core technology with the chips and batteries improve. This means we’ll be using more data; so, fingers crossed that the network providers don’t sting us on data package prices.

Industry giant Vodafone is on the starting blocks with its unlimited data packages for pay-as-you-go customers. All-in-all, we’re set for a huge update with 5G.


The Future’s Bright; the future’s 5G

It’s hard to look at the release of 5G in anything but a glowing light for mobile gaming, especially when Android smartphones are becoming more and more competitive.

There is a feeling that we’ve only just settled down to get used to 4G, but when you factor in how much faster 5G will be, it’s pretty mind-boggling. 4G will quickly become a thing of the past, and we feel that the uptake of 5G in developing countries will be much faster than it was with 5G. And this will be valid for all types of industries, including the world of online casino sites. Mobile apps for players from India for example, can use this evolution to keep the developing world up with mobile gaming.


We expect to be able to play mobile games and stream at 4k resolutions without interruption no matter where we go. Currently, this isn’t quite achievable with 4G, particularly due to bandwidth restrictions and latency that is just slightly lacking, especially in rural locations. Perhaps 5G will come to the rescue for the rural community eventually?

But, what happens after 5G? No doubt, the tech brains are already looking at 6G or some other kind of cool abbreviation for the world to embrace and run with. Whatever that may be, for now, let’s welcome 5G with open arms, sit back and watch the mobile gaming sector explode!

As Technology Improves, so Does Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming is HUGE!!! So big that it’s started to overtake social media in terms of popularity. We’d love to compare mobile gaming to its PC and console sisters, but don’t feel it’s a just exercise.

For instance, mobile gaming is so much more reliant on the quality of the data connection. For PC and console gaming, as long as you have a decent broadband connection, you’re good to go. Mobiles need that reliability, low latency and consistently high bandwidth.


Right now, with 4G, downloading game updates can be slightly frustrating if the devs release sparse and huge updates, rather than small regular ones. With 5G, the big updates will happen in a matter of seconds, which is a scary thought when you look at how recent 3G was the “next best thing.”

Developer outfits will be chuffed that mobile technology continues to improve and expand. Pushing out games following the F2P (free to play) model with in-app purchases through gaming currency is trending on an epic scale. We’re talking along with the likes of Candy Crush, Rise of Kingdoms, Lords Mobile and Crush ‘Em All, as some of the most popular mobile games on the market.

While spending money in mobile games isn’t ultimately needed to win at end-game, it does help you to progress faster, as well as gain access to cosmetics that add to the gaming experience.


Reliability, Reduced Latency and Bandwidth Are Key

Think about it; you’re out and about and fancy logging in to your current go-to mobile game.

“ARGHHHHHHH,” we hear you cry… you’re stuck with the lousy 3G connection (remember when 3G was at god-like status?)

We definitely take the strength and quality of a data connection for granted. It’s just expected, no matter you go. Rural areas won’t get the 5G roll-out that the highly populated areas will, but for now, 4G should be good enough (I can see you scowling!) But, the improved reduction in latency will majorly appeal to the mobile gaming sector.

Having that consistent network availability and low latency levels are, arguably, the most important features of 5G. This blends in with the high bandwidth levels in populated areas, with South Korea leading the way with an already successful launch. There’s a natural relationship here with the technologically advanced country being the home of tech giant Samsung.

It’s not all about Samsung, though; Qualcomm is the core behind some of Samsung’s most popular products. With its recent announcement of the Snapdragon 855 Plus Mobile Platform, there are some seriously positive signs lined up for 5G. The chip and modem upgrades serve as an almost-perfect start for mobile gaming, AI and XR (extended reality).