See Through Your Walls With This Walabot Deal – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Plenty of Amazon Prime Day deals include hardware that needs to be mounted to walls; TVs, sound systems, video doorbells, and home security cameras, just to name a few. A traditional stud finder can be good enough to get the job done, but there's a margin of error that comes with a stud finder that may make a few folks uncomfortable, especially when considering the fact that electrical cables or plumbing could be fastened to the studs in your walls.

Walabot gives you a literal window into your wall with some amazing advanced imaging technology that significantly surpasses traditional stud finders. Walabot connects to your Android-powered phone via the USB port on the bottom (no iPhone support at this time) and utilizes the Walabot app to deliver visual data to your smartphone's screen. The regular Walabot is on sale for 20% off for the Amazon Prime Day 2019 sale, or $60. That's down from the regular $75 cost.

Walabot also offers an upgraded model for $72, regularly $90, which can see through Lath & Plaster walls as well. Both models of Walabot can view up to 4 inches inside concrete or drywall, and can accurately display the locations and sizes of metal objects, wood studs, wires, and pipes. Folks dealing with a rodent problem in their walls can also use the Walabot to detect movement, which could help identify exactly what's inside the wall and help determine how it got there, or just help get it out of an annoying place.


Aside from regular viewing and scanning, as you would with a regular stud finder, the Walabot app features ways of mapping your wall for future use. Mapped walls will contain an accurately measured map with marked distances, as well as the objects found within the wall and their dimensions. This also includes the material makeup of each object found as well as the distance between all the objects detected in the walls.

Walabot ships with a microUSB cable and a USB Type-C cable, so all phones running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher should work with the device. Walabot operates in three different modes, depending on the needs of the project. Homeowners will likely find the pan and image modes to be the most useful, as they provide friendly visual identification of objects inside the walls. Pan mode even features a full map of the wall itself. Walabot uses RF technology that analyzes the objects in the wall and translates them into images more user-friendly imagery.

Expert mode delivers raw data from the RF sensor itself and might prove more useful and/or reliable for folks looking for a little more control and detail over the situation. Expert mode delivers a direct view of the sensor data, including curves in pipes and wires, the interesection of multiple objects, or even realtime movement for better confirmation of objects found in the other two modes.


If you're interested in the deal, check them out at the Amazon link below, and remember that the Prime Day discount is applied at checkout for Prime members.

Walabot - Amazon - 20% Off

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