Video: Installing Nest Protect – Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector


Of all of Nests products, Google Nest Protect is probably the most simple to setup. We take you step-by-step through the installation in this guide, but if you'd rather see it in video form, check it out at the end of this article!

Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector and is sold in two different models. The first one, which we're installing in this video, is a wired unit and requires a bit more work to install than the second type. That second type of Nest Protect has a battery inside and requires little more than pulling out the tab and scanning the unit into your app. That second generation unit is best for homes that don't already have wiring or rentals where you aren't allowed to wire stuff up.

Our home already had an old smoke detector hooked up in the hall, so I used that for this installation. Both generations will be similar at first. Go ahead and pull your old unit off the and unplug the connector, if one is there at all of course, and remove the entire plate that held the old detector to the ceiling. From here, owners of the battery-powered model can screw the new plate in with the four included screws and launch that Nest app on your phone.


From the main screen, click on the gear on the top and then selecting add product. As with all Nest products, scanning the QR code on the Protect will add it to your app and get it going.

From here, twist the Nest Protect into the plate on the ceiling to finish the install. I found the mechanism to click this one in a little difficult, and it took me a minute or two to get all three prongs fitted in and locked.


Owners of the plug-in model will need to do some minor electrical wiring here which, of course, starts by shutting off the correct circuit breaker switch for the room you're in. No sense in getting shocked or worse.

Once that's off, the rest is simple. In the box, you'll find a connector with one black and one white wire, which should match up to what's in your ceiling already. Ignore the yellow wire if it's there, that's not needed for this installation, but make sure to cap it off with the included caps anyway so it's not a live wire hanging around in the ceiling.


Twist and lock the same color wires in, screw on the plate, and plug the new cable into the Nest Protect on back. Just as with the wireless unit, line up the three prongs and twist the unit it.

The last consideration is found within the app, and depends on where you have the Protect located. Mine is in the hallway so I turned on the Pathlight feature, which illuminates the hallway at night when someone gets up to use the bathroom or get a drink. This is probably something you don't want to be enabled if it's in a bedroom, so make sure to toggle it the right way. You'll find this setting by heading into the Protect section in the app, settings, location protected, and then toggling Pathlight.

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