Verizon Gets Galaxy Note10+ 5G First, Offers "Free" Galaxy Note10 For Pre-Orders

samsung galaxy note 10 5g promo

The Galaxy Note10 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, and Verizon’s promotion for the 5G model has already surfaced.

Apparently, Verizon is going to be first to offer the Galaxy Note10+ 5G, and it could be an exclusive for quite some time. As other carriers have not been releasing many 5G phones on their networks, as they know many people aren’t looking get a 5G phone just yet.

The image also notes that if you pre-order, you can get a “Note10 free”, and there is an asterisk there, but that asterisk only talks about using it on their unlimited plan. It’s likely that this will be a BOGO thing, where you buy the Galaxy Note10+ 5G on their payment plan, and you can get the Galaxy Note10 for “free” through monthly bill credits.


Currently, Verizon only has 5G in two markets – that’s Chicago and Minneapolis. And in those markets, 5G service is pretty sporadic. This is because Verizon is using mmWave for its network instead of sub-6 spectrum. With mmWave, it doesn’t cover as much area as sub-6 will when that rolls out. Which means that you might get 5G on this street, but go a block over and you’re back to 4G LTE. Verizon’s 5G is also only on the download. Uploads are still on 4G LTE for now.

For many, purchasing the 5G version of the Galaxy Note10+ is not going to be feasible, as they likely won’t even be able to use it on a 5G network. However, depending on pricing, this promotion might be worth it, if they were looking to get two Galaxy Note10’s on their Verizon account.

The Galaxy Note10+ 5G is likely going to be a more powerful device, if the Galaxy S10 5G is anything to go by. The Galaxy S10 5G had a larger display, larger battery and an extra camera on-board. Many wanted to get that model not because of 5G, but for the beefier specs, which is completely understandable. But it was also a good $300 more than the Galaxy S10+ was, at $1299. Expect the Galaxy Note10+ 5G to be even more expensive, as we are expecting the regular Galaxy Note10+ to be around $1299 when it launches next month.


Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note10+ 5G as well as the main Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ at its Unpacked event next month. August 7 in New York City, it’ll take the wraps off of everything it has to announce. That might include a new smartwatch in the Galaxy Watch Active2, as well as a new tablet in the Galaxy Tab S6. So it’s going to be a pretty big event for Samsung, and there should be plenty of new goodies to get our hands on.

The Galaxy Note10 will likely go on sale within two weeks of the announcement, but the 5G model may be a bit further down the road, if history is anything to go by. The Galaxy S10 5G launched several months after the Galaxy S10 line did – mostly due to the fact that 5G networks were not really up and running just yet.