Verizon Fios Will Give You A Free Samsung Chromebook If You Switch

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Verizon offers some pretty incredible promos year-round, to get you to switch to its Internet service, and right now it’s offering a pretty impressive promotion. You can get a Samsung Chromebook 3 for free, or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Verizon will give you $200 off of select Samsung tech. That is pretty crazy.

Of course, if you don’t want to get Fios and TV, you can spend a bit less and still get rewarded with a $50 Visa Prepaid Card – which is basically free money.

Verizon Fios offers some of the fastest internet around, at some of the best prices. That is because its network is all fiber, so you’re getting faster download and much faster upload speeds here. For $39.99, you can get 100Mbps up and down. Or you can jump up to $59.99 for 300Mbps up and down and that gives you the $50 Visa Prepaid Card. If that’s not fast enough, you can get 940Mbps download and 880Mbps upload for $79.99 per month. That comes with a free Samsung Chromebook 3 or $200 credit towards select Samsung tech and three years of free modem rentals.


Those are some pretty great deals for those that are looking to switch to Fios. But if you want some TV, you can get phone included too for as low as $79.99. There are a few different plans available, going up to $109.99. These all come with the free Samsung Chromebook 3 or $200 credit towards select Samsung tech.

Verizon Fios is a great ISP to use, but the only downside is that it is not available everywhere. It’s available in a handful of States, mostly along the east coast. This includes Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, Staten Island, Syracuse in New York. Baltimore and Salisbury in Maryland. Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburg in Pennsylvania as well as other cities in New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and even Virginia.

It’s a good idea to check out Verizon Fios coverage map to make sure that they do actually offer up internet service in your area, before you decide to switch. Seeing as they are only available in a small part of the US, it’s likely that they aren’t available in your area. They are expanding though, so that could change in the next few months (years).


Verizon Fios is able to offer such fast speeds because of Fiber. Meanwhile Comcast, AT&T, Cox and others are just now starting to upgrade their networks to fiber. Meaning that Verizon is well ahead of its competitors, and that’s a great thing to see. Especially in a day and age where we are streaming more and more content, with higher-resolution content being more and more popular. These faster speeds are definitely needed, and appreciated. Even if competition is pushing these speeds to go faster.

You can sign up for Verizon Fios by hitting the link below. There are a ton of great deals available right now for those that are looking to switch to Fios, and it’s likely going to be cheaper than your current Internet Service Provider, which is always a win/win situation.

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