Welcome To The Wearables You Can Vape Era

Vape watch 01 1

Uwell has now announced its latest vaping product, the Uwell Amulet.

What makes this a little different to your average vaping device is that’s one you wear on your wrist. To be clear, this is not simply a vape device which can be bonded to your wrist, it is in effect an actal watch that tells the time and the date. It just also happens to be one you can remove from its holster and vape on when you want.

In every sense, this is a vape watch.


The amulet comes with a 370 mAh battery and is rechargeable via the microUSB port found on the bottom of the vape pod. The Amulet provides a maximum wattage output of 10-watts and uses 1.6 ohm coils. Based on the description, the pod is capable of holding 2ml of juice and is refillable by removing the top portion of the device. Along with the main device listing, Uwell is also now listing replacement pod cartridges for the Amulet that are available to purchase separately.

As to be expected, there’s a PCBA inside the device which not only helps to regulate the vaping features and protections, but also powers the watch aspects of the device, including the touch-to-wake feature for the screen.


Now, this does not appear to be a smartwatch in the traditional sense as the company does not make any mention of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other option to connect the watch to your smartphone. Therefore, this seems like it won’t offer most of the smartwatch features users have become accustomed to, such as receiving on-wrist notifications and so on.

However, this is only likely to be the first in a line of products like this and considering there has already been a push towards app support with vaping mods, it does stand to reason future versions of this product, as well as whatever the competition is working on will arrive to market in due course.

While some might view this as a bit of a novelty product it is worth noting that Uwell is a serious name in the vaping community. The company’s Crown line of tanks are immensely popular and for a product like this to come from a major vaping brand suggests one of the directions the vaping market might be moving in.


In the meantime, for those interested in checking out the Uwell Amulet, it looks as though the product is set for release soon. Although the company has yet to provide firm pricing details, it is now starting to list the product on its website with the suggestion pre-orders are about to open.

Smartwatches have found themselves to be in a bit of a tight spot recently as they seem to ignite less interest than other devices that have been updated in a similar way. Although implementations like this are more unusual takes on what a watch is designed to do, we are now starting to see more of these novel solutions come to market. For example, last month also saw the launch of Aipower’s “Wearbuds.”

The Wearbuds adopt a similar design to the Amulet but instead of removing a vaping pod, you can remove true wireless earbuds.