Ubisoft's 'Mighty Quest' Is Filled With Action, Adventure, & Loot

When you think about Ubisoft the first games that come to mind are probably on console and PC and might be any of the titles in the Tom Clancy series, or perhaps more commonly, any of the Assassin's Creed games, but you can also find titles from the renowned publisher on mobile and its latest, Mighty Quest, has just launched today and is designed to sate your hunger for epic loot.

Let's get a few things out of the way. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot was designed to be played with one hand much like the mobile games Nintendo has been publishing over the past couple of years, and Ubisoft has done so quite masterfully with Mighty Quest. Controls are pretty simple and easy to get used to for anyone. They also feel intuitive, so making your way through the game's content shouldn't be much of a struggle. The focus is after all, on getting that sweet, precious loot, and Ubisoft wanted the game to be accessible.

That said, Mighty Quest is also a role playing game, so no matter how simple it is to play, there are still some complexities to delight players looking for a little more depth in certain areas of the games they play. When you start playing for the first time your "looter" will be pretty bare bones, but as you complete more quests and dungeons and acquire more loot, you'll be outfit them to look and play like a true hero thanks to better gear and stronger weapons and unlock new skills.

Mighty Quest offers more than one thousand different gear items and it encourages the player to mix and match different pieces to build their own unique hero that matches their play style. Basically, build your character to be one that fits how you like to bring down your enemies. Fancy quicker attacks? Use a bow or a one-handed sword. Prefer a more hefty build? Equip your hero with a shield and a great sword and some beefy armor, or wield a giant two-handed hammer to smash your foes.

Of course much of the customization hinges on the loot you get, so the more you play the more loot you'll acquire and the more diverse set of options you'll have for building a character that fits your play style. Beyond the loot, Mighty Quest offers a pretty big campaign for PvE content, boasting a "massive" campaign set in the world of Opulencia.

There's PvP content too though if you like to test your might against other players and you'll have plenty of time to do that here. Mighty Quest has a little bit of something for every role playing fan and it's not hard to get into like some of the more in-depth RPGs out there on mobile, which is perhaps one of its bigger strengths. Its cartoonish graphic style also helps it appeal to a younger set of players, as opposed to targeting a more adult audience only.

What's more is that the game is boasting that there will always be something to do, with loads of limited-time events happening, so where you play it for a few minutes or an hour you should have something to fill your time, even if you play daily.

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