Top 9 Best Android MMA Apps – 2019

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If you’re into mixed martial arts, well, you’re in the right place. In the list down below, you will find nine MMA applications that we’ve selected from the Google Play Store. These are regular apps only, games are not included here, we’ll cover those in a separate list.

You will find all sorts of apps in the provided list, even though most of them are focused on MMA training. The best you can do when it comes to MMA training is to actually go to classes, of course, but if you’re unwilling to do that, or would like to brush up your skills, there are some compelling apps to check out.

Applications in the list down below are not laid out in any specific order, so just because one app is at the bottom of the list doesn’t really mean anything.

MMA Training and Fitness


MMA Training and Fitness app is kind of self-explanatory. This is a mixed martial arts training app, and the developer says that its goal is to build explosive power, burn fat, and improve your endurance and strength. This app includes sparring tips for beginners (audio included), and it also includes tips on training at home, for which audio is included as well. MMA training plan is a part of this app as well, plus a ton more content.

MMA Training and Fitness (Play Store)


UFC is an official app for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This application comes with breaking news, exclusive video, live stream, and it even allows you to watch Pay-Per-View events on your smartphone. You can sign up for UFC FIGHT PASS in order to watch exclusive events live, and access a huge fight library, featuring UFC events plus PRIDE FC, STRIKEFORCE, the WEC, and more.


UFC (Play Store)

MMA Trainer

MMA Trainer is actually a really solid app for learning some MMA skills. This app will teach you how to perform dozens of different punches, how to block punches, how to kick in over 30 different ways, and so on. Tons of different combos are included here as well, and the app even allows you to create your own combos for training purposes. All of those moves are clearly shown in the app, in the video format, and you can even control the video speed, so that you can see everything in detail.

MMA Trainer (Play Store)


MMA Spartan System Gym Workouts

This app brings tons of different workouts on your smartphone, not to mention that nutrition and training plans are included in the package. The app includes rather intense workouts with clear instructional animations. Notification reminders are also included in this app, so the app will try to make you stick to the schedule. The app comes with Google Fit integration, and the achievement system is also integrated here.

MMA Spartan System Gym Workouts (Play Store)

MMA News


If you’re really interested in MMA as a whole, and are looking for an app to keep you up to date with the news from the MMA world, well, this app will try to do that. The MMA News app comes with a nice design, and tons of news that you can check out. You can even search and add MMA feeds and YouTube playlists in this application, just in case you want to customize the provided content. If you opt for a free version of the app, you’ll have to deal with ads, which is not the case with the paid version.

MMA News (Play Store)

MMA News Pro (Play Store)

Fighting Trainer


Fighting Trainer is one of the best apps if you’d like to gain some MMA skills. This app offers a really nice design, and quality content. The app comes with professional demonstrations of various fighting moves, and a ton of content. You can even slow down those video demonstrations just to see every detail, and apply it to your training. The app includes over 90 MMA punches, kicks, combinations, blocks, and takedowns.

Fighting Trainer (Play Store)

MMA Workout System

MMA Workout System is an actual workout training system, and interval round timer. This app will randomly call out MMA kicks and punches during your heavy bag and shadow boxing punches, just to mix things up during your workouts. The app includes over 70 commands, and over 20 pre-set workouts. The app will also keep track of your workouts by counting punches and kicks.


MMA Workout System (Play Store)

MMA Schedule

MMA Schedule app is great to have if you like to keep up with MMA events. So if you’re planning to watch a specific fight, this app is great to let you know when will that fight take place. The app includes events from all major MMA organizations, including UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, ACA LFA, and so on. You can add events to your calendar manually, and also filter promotions if you’d like.

MMA Schedule (Play Store)

Home MMA Training Gym

Home MMA Training Gym is yet another really great app for MMA training. As this app’s name says, this app is great for home workouts, and includes over 110 MMA punches, kicks, combinations, blocks, take-downs, and so on. Professional fighter lessons are also included in the package, while you can learn MMA techniques in HD view. The app’s design is not exactly groundbreaking, but it serves the purpose.

Home MMA Training Gym (Play Store)