Top 9 Best Android Emoji Apps & Games – 2019


Emoji have managed to become quite popular over the years, and are an integral part of messaging for many people. You can access emoji from pretty much every keyboard out there, even though some of them offer more choice than others.

Having said that, we’re not here to check out emoji-focused keyboard, but rather emoji applications in general, as there are quite a few that are available in the Google Play Store. As per usual, not all of those apps are great, so we’ve hand-picked the very best ones.

In the list down below, you will find nine emoji applications that may interest you. These applications range from a keyboard app and emoji matching app, to apps that allow you to create your own emoji. Before you start browsing, do note that these apps are not listed in a specific order.


Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is one of the most popular emoji-oriented keyboards out there. This is a regular keyboard as well, of course, but it just offers more in the emoji department than your regular keyboard. This keyboard comes with over 3,600 emoji that you can choose from, and the app itself comes in two variants. You can download the “Lite” version, and use it for free, or spring for a “Pro” variant that will open up the whole app for you.

Facemoji Keyboard Lite (Play Store)


Facemoji Keyboard Pro (Play Store)


Emojily is an app that allows you to create your own emoji. You can choose from a ton of designs in order to create your own, unique emoji, and then use it on social media, in messaging apps, or wherever you’d like. You can customize all parts of an emoji, basically, including its eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hands, and even hats. The keyboard comes built into this application as well, of course.


Emojily (Play Store)

Match The Emoji

Match The Emoji app basically allows you to mix and match different emoji, and create new ones, by doing so. You can discover over 200 emoji by doing that, says the developer. Just to be clear, this is a game of sorts, as you’ll need to master some puzzles while matching the provided emoji, it’s not exactly an emoji-creator application. This app is free to play, but you can decide to purchase some in-game stuff by using real money.


Match The Emoji (Play Store)

Words to Emojis

Words to Emojis is also a game, it’s a quiz game, in fact. In this game, you will need to guess the emoji that fit a particular sentence in order to progress. You can actually start this game on your smartphone, and then continue playing it on Facebook, or vice versa. There are over 1,400 levels at your disposal in this game, and there are various level packs that you’ll stumble upon, including Foods pack, Hollywood Movies pack, and so on.


Words to Emojis (Play Store)


Bitmoji is an app that allows you to create your own personal emoji, based on your image, basically. This app can essentially transform your selfie into a personal emoji, and it gives you some control over its looks in the process. Once the app does that, it will create a ton of emoji with your image, and you’ll be able to use those images in your messaging applications. This app can be a lot of fun.


Bitmoji (Play Store)

Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji is basically an app that brings a huge collection of emoji to your smartphone. This application contains over 2,000 high definition emoji and stickers for you to choose from, and you can send them with a single tap to WhatsApp or (Facebook) Messenger, says the developer. This app also allows you to create your very own animated images, and gives you access to gifs as well.


Elite Emoji (Play Store)

Emoji Craft

Emoji Craft may seem like an app that lets you create emoji to use on social media or something of the sort, at least based on its name, but this is a game, in fact. This is a strategy game, believe it or not, and it contains over 80 emoji. As you progress, you will be able to unlock some extra emoji and money boosters. Your goal here is to become the ultimate emoji producer, basically, and there are hundreds of levels for you to unlock.

Emoji Craft (Play Store)


Zmoji is yet another application that will let you create your own, personal emoji… based on your selfie or whatever else you want. You will be able to highly customize your emoji, and once you’re done, the app will create various emoji packs for you to use. There is no more personal way for you to express yourself using emoji than creating your very own one, that will remind people of you, based on its looks.

Zmoji (Play Store)

Emoji Launcher

Yes, this app is exactly what you think, a replacement for your default launcher. This application comes with over 500 emoji, and cute themes to choose from, not to mention a ton of wallpapers as well. Caller screen has been adapted to this launcher as well while interesting 3D transition effects have been thrown into the mix as well. This app has a ton of additional features that you can discover, and it’s actually extremely functional.

Emoji Launcher (Play Store)