Top 8 Best Android MMA Games – 2019

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Earlier today, we’ve released our list of top MMA applications, so check that out if you’re interested. This list will be focused strictly on MMA games, and if you’re into mixed martial arts, there are plenty of games that can keep you occupied on Android.

For this list, we’ve singled out eight games, the very best MMA games that we’ve stumbled upon thus far. Some of these games are somewhat similar, but also different at the same time, as every single one of them has different controls, and general approach to gameplay.

These games are not listed in any specific order, so just because one game is fifth on the list, and the other one is first doesn’t really mean anything. Having said that, feel free to browse, and see if you like some of these games.


MMA Fighting Clash

MMA Fighting Clash game is one of the most compelling MMA games in the Play Store. This game allows you to choose between 50 legendary fighters, and enter the arena. You can either participate in quick exhibition fights, or participate in various tournaments / challenges. This game has a library of over 100 moves that you can set up for your fighter, and a multiplayer mode is also included in the package.

MMA Fighting Clash (Play Store)


Weekend Warriors MMA

Weekend Warriors MMA is actually a really good game, even though its graphics are not really up to date. This game features 300 fighters spread across 5 promotions and 5 weight classes. The so-called “Promoter” mode is also available in this game, and you can play in a career mode as well. Controls are really good in this game, not to mention that the game comes with a really helpful tutorial.

Weekend Warriors MMA (Play Store)


MMA Federation-Fighting Game

MMA Federation is yet another fun fighting game. This is a strategy game, though, and it comes with a career mode as well. You can join genuine MMA teams in this game, and train with famous fighters and coaches. This game allows you to create your own fighting style, while you can level up your player as your progress. An online multiplayer mode is also included in the package, while the game allows you to unlock additional moves as you level up.

MMA Federation-Fighting Game (Play Store)



EA SPORTS UFC is an official UFC game. This is a fully licensed game, and the graphics are really great in this game. The app offers in-app purchases, but you can disable that option in the settings. You can choose from over 70 fighters in four divisions, and try to become the champion with your choice. This game even allows you to play live events, and earn exclusive rewards while you’re at it.

EA SPORTS UFC (Play Store)


Fighting Manager 2019

Fighting Manager 2019 is yet another game that offers really nice graphics. This game allows you to level up your fighter, and participate in various tournaments. You will need to unlock new tournaments by winning matches, though. Really nice sound effects and music are included in this game, while in-app purchases are included in the mix, but the game doesn’t really force you to buy anything.

Fighting Manager 2019 (Play Store)


Fighting Star

Fighting Star is a game which allows you to customize your own fighter with dozens of gloves, hairstyles, tattoos, and gear. As far as character customization is concerned, this game is at the top. There are a ton of moves you can perform in this game, and the graphics are really great as well. The controls are not that difficult to learn at all, though you’ll need a bit of time to master them.

Fighting Star (Play Store)


MMA Fighting Games

MMA Fighting Games allows you to play a career mode as well, while this game actually offers a local multiplayer mode, which is not something we see often for games like these. You can play against your friends locally, all you need to do is connect to WiFi. Graphics are also really good here, not on the level of the official UFC application, but still, they’re quite good, and the combat is well-executed.

MMA Fighting Games (Play Store)

MMA Pankration

MMA Pankration is one of the more compelling MMA fighting games in the Play Store. You’ll be fighting against the champions of MMA Pankration in this game, while the game allows you to choose between quite a few fighters. You will be required to train your fighter in order to be able to stand against the very best. The graphics in this game are good, not amazing, but really good, and not many people will find complaints in that department.

MMA Pankration (Play Store)