Top 10 Best Android USA Apps & Games – 2019

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Fourth of July is behind us, and many of you are probably still in the patriotic mood. Well, if that is the case, you may be interested in the app list we have for you today, as it consists of “USA” applications.

Just to be clear, this is not a list of best apps that have been made in the US, not at all, it’s a list of apps that are USA-themed. So, for example, you’ll find a Radio USA app down below, an app that has the whole United States Constitution in it, and a United States Quiz app that will test your knowledge.

These are only some examples of apps that we’ve included on this list after browsing the Play Store in order to find some compelling offerings for you. Apps that are listed down below are not laid out in any particular order, and you will also find a couple of games listed here.


Radio USA

Radio USA is a great app if you’re currently not in the US, and you’d like to listen to some US radio. This app does require an Internet connection, as that is how it will stream radio content to you. Radio USA allows you to save your favorite radio stations, and it also has a search function which allows you to find various radio stations. The design of this app is extremely simple, but the app is really functional.

Radio USA (Play Store)

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USA Offline Map

USA Offline Map app is kind of self-explanatory, same as the Radio USA app. If you’d like to check out a map of the USA no matter where you are, and no matter if you have access to the Internet, this is a great app to have. This app is meant to be used in disaster relief situations, and for traveling purposes. The app’s design is not the greatest out there, but it serves the purpose, that’s for sure.

USA Offline Map (Play Store)


Truck Simulator USA

Have you ever wanted to be a trucker? Well, this app will definitely make you feel like one. Truck Simulator USA allows you to drive trucks across the US, and haul various cargo while you’re at it. You can customize your truck in this game, and the app even supports some multiplayer action, so you can play with your friends if you want. A full-fledged weather system is included in this game, in order for it to feel as realistic as possible.

Truck Simulator USA (Play Store)


United States Quiz

United States Quiz is a fun app, but only if you know your states well. This app requires you to find specific states in the US as quickly as possible, so that you beat other players to the high score. This quiz is extremely simple, as you can see, and it will test your knowledge at the same time. The app does come with ads, but those ads probably will not bother you all that much.

United States Quiz (Play Store)



Are you often using a VPN, but you’re only in need of US servers? Well, VPN USA is a really functional choice, if that is the case. This app will allow you to access some US content if you live outside of the country, or are currently traveling somewhere. It will also boost your privacy in some cases, of course. The developer claims that the app maintains high speeds at all times due to the fact its users have access to thousands of servers.

VPN USA (Play Store)



This app is simply called “USA”, and it allows you to learn more about the history of the United States of America. It has a ton of information and summaries about US Presidents, and the US states, though those are just some examples. You can learn more about the American flag, seal, map, its cities, population, water, and so much more. There is a ton of content included in this application.

USA (Play Store)


USA Flag Wallpapers

USA Flag Wallpapers is an app which delivers USA flag wallpapers to your smartphone. There are quite a few wallpapers that you can choose from here, and you can also share them thanks to a built-in share function. Every single one of these wallpapers represents the US flag in one way or the other, and the app is completely free to use, though do note that ads are a part of the experience.

USA Flag Wallpapers (Play Store)

50 US States Map, Capitals & Flags – American Quiz

This app has a rather long name, but it’s quite fun. This is yet another quiz app, and it’s actually a lot more versatile than the other quiz app we’ve talked about. This app will ask you to guess a flag of a particular state, for example, or to guess what is the capital of Wisconsin. You will be asked to recognize the state by its geographical borders, or guess state nicknames. There are a number of categories here, and this app will truly test your knowledge.

50 US States Map, Capitals & Flags - American Quiz (Play Store)

United States Constitution

United States Constitution app is exactly what you think it is. This app delivers the whole US constitution to your smartphone, to have it accessible at all times. No matter if you want to check something, or simply get to know it better, it’s always there. The US Constitution came into force back in 1789, and it has been amended 27 times thus far. This app does not have ads or anything of the sort.

United States Constitution (Play Store)

Farming USA 2

Farming USA 2 is a game which allows you to become a true US farmer. In this game, you’ll be required to plow, fertilize, and harvest your own crops on nine different fields across 250 acres. You’ll also need to grow and sell corn, wheat, barley, soybeans, and hay. This application even allows you to access cross-platform multiplayer if you’d like to play with your friends, as you can help them by working on their farm, or vice versa.

Farming USA 2 (Play Store)