Top 10 Best Android Fireworks Apps – 2019

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and many of you who live in the US will probably either create some fireworks or watch one on that day. Well, if you’d like to complete the experience, we’ve compiled a list of applications that may interest you.

In the list down below, you will find 10 applications, and all of those apps are fireworks-themed. These applications will mostly allow you to create fireworks on your phone, just for fun, nothing more than that.

If you’d like to check out the very best fourth of July apps that we’ve singled out, or best BBQ applications, you can do so via respective links that are included in this sentence. That being said, do note that these fireworks apps are not listed in any specific order, just because “Real Fireworks” is first in line doesn’t really mean it’s better than the rest of the pack.


Real Fireworks

Real Fireworks app lets you bring the fireworks on your phone / tablet, with a nice background to complete the experience. This application will present various different patterns and colors in the sky, as part of the fireworks, and will do that in really nice environments. This could be a nice app to complete your fourth of July experience if you project it on your TV, or you can use it to keep the kids occupied for a moment or two.

Real Fireworks (Play Store)


Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 4

Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 4 is the fourth iteration in the series, as its name says, and this is kind of a unique app, as chances are you won’t find anything like it in the Play Store. This is basically a simulator of pyrotechnics in 3D, you can choose between a ton of fireworks, which come with various different effects and sounds. This app fits well with the Fourth of July, and various other holidays.

Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 4 (Play Store)



This app comes with a really simple name, “Fireworks”. This is essentially a live wallpaper application, and a really good one at that. Once you activate the app, you can simply tap on your home screen’s background in order to change the color for the scene. You can opt for a paid version of the application to get some additional settings and options, you can get more fireworks types, for example.

Fireworks (Play Store)


Fireworks Arcade

Fireworks Arcade is yet another app whose sole purpose is to bring fireworks on your phone’s display. Unlike other apps of this kind, this app is also a game, kind of. You have several game modes to choose from in this application, and the whole point is for you to show your creativity in making the most epic fireworks around. You can choose between three games, and enjoy some nice fireworks effects.

Fireworks Arcade (Play Store)


Fireworks 2019

Fireworks 2019 is a fireworks simulation application, and the graphics in this game are really, really good. The app does its best to display realistic animation of fireworks, and the fireworks can be generated on a wallpaper of some cities, during night time, of course. Really nice sound effects are included in this application as well, to complete the experience. Some additional settings are included here.

Fireworks 2019 (Play Store)


Fireworks Studio

Fireworks Studio is a firework simulation application. This app gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to creating fireworks, you can use a selection of fountains, rockets, candles, barrages, and fireworks shapes to create some really nice fireworks events. Graphics in this game are also kind of nice, not the best we’ve seen, but still, not many people will find complaints in that department.

Fireworks Studio (Play Store)


Fireworks drawing

Fireworks drawing lets you combine drawing and fireworks. The app allows you to use 10 different types of crayons with 26 different colors. Draw whatever you want, and then make that image come to life via fireworks. This is also one of those unique applications that we were unable to match with anything else, so if you want to really personalize your fireworks, this is the way to go.

Fireworks drawing (Play Store)

Fireworks Creator

Fireworks Creator is also an app that allows you to create your fireworks, by customizing it before you shoot it into the sky. There are a ton of different combinations that you can choose from, which makes the whole process that much more fun. This app offers you to go through the whole process, from creating and customizing to launching. The app does come with ads, but you can use it without a problem regardless.

Fireworks Creator (Play Store)

Firework Show

Fireworks Show is an extremely simple fireworks customization application. This app basically allows you to select between a ton of different fireworks types, and allows you to place as many of those on the ground, before we get to the launch part. So, you can basically stack up 10 rockets of one kind, 10 of a different kind, and add something else in addition to that, to make the whole experience that much better.

Firework Show (Play Store)

Firework Party

Firework Party app takes you to an empty parking lot, where you can set up different types of fireworks. You can ignite fireworks by touching them, and each of them comes with a different effect, of course. The developer does note that this app has been designed for kids, even though anyone can use it, for sheer fun, of course. These fireworks obey the laws of physics, and you can knock them over before they launch, which can be rather funny to watch.

Firework Party (Play Store)