Stop Losing Things With A Tile Pro Two-Pack, Now Just $35 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


You can now pick up a Tile Pro two-pack for just $35 and at this price, it is almost buy one get one free.

The Tile Pro is designed to ensure you never lose items ever gain. The small gadget can be attached to most things and once paired with a smartphone, the phone can be used to find where the item is as long as the two are within a certain distance of each other. This works both ways as well so if you happen to lose your phone, the Tile Pro can be used to ping the phone and make it ring.

This is the new version of the Tile Pro as it comes with an improved distance limit and volume, and each Tile Pro typically costs $35 on their own. If buying the two-pack then you normally do save a few dollars as the price of the two comes down to $59.99. At this deal price, however, the savings are there to be had with each Tile Pro costing just $17.50.


In fact, if you only want one then you can just buy the single Tile Pro and that also happens to be on sale for Prime Day with the price having been similarly slashed down from $35 to $19.99.

Still, that's not quite as good a saving as $17.50 apiece, making the two-pack the real deal here.

Tile Pro 2-Pack - Amazon - $35