TEPPEN Is The Ultimate Card Battler For Capcom Fans

Card games can be super fun and engaging or they can be a complete nightmare. It depends on how easy the game is to pick up and play. Some offer a more complex setup and a deeper level of understanding of the game's rules and different features, others are a little simpler to get into as there aren't as many elements to master. TEPPEN is a new card battler that feels like it's along those lines of simpler gameplay and it's the ultimate game in this genre for fans of Capcom titles.

It features a story based on the different characters from various Capcom games, including Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Morgana from the Darkstalkers series, X from Mega Man X, Dante from Devil May Cry and more. In all there are eight different characters in the game though more will be added in the future.

While eight characters doesn't sound like a whole lot for a card battler, this is only the list of characters who have a story to follow throughout the solo campaign. When it comes to the cards you can acquire for use in your decks there are tons of different characters based on the different games in Capcom's library.

In card battles you'll have a deck composed of unit cards, attack cards, and hero cards. Unit cards when played will start an automatic attack and are sort of your "set it and forget it" card as you won't have to deal with keeping too much of an eye on it. These are also the basis of card battles and will be the cards you put into play for continuing use until they're taken out and likely the cards you will play most often in the beginning.

Action cards are your tool for activating a special move. They can also only be used once and immediately go to the graveyard thereafter, so use them wisely. As you progress through the match you'll build up the gauge for your hero art, which will be a special attack based on the hero you're using. Ryu's Hadouken, for example. These are more powerful and can allow you to gain an edge. Hero Arts also come with a cool dynamic animation that adds a nice level of flair to the gameplay.

TEPPEN begins with you playing as Ryu, but once you complete his story you can move onto unlocking the other heroes as you play through their stories as well. You can also choose to skip most of the solo play and jump right into the PvP matches against other players, though the solo play is highly recommended for learning the game and getting more heroes and cards to build out your deck. Once you're feeling a little more comfortable with how things work you can even dive into a ranked match.

Like any free game TEPPEN offers players rewards for logging in and playing each day, so if you find that you like this one it's worth getting in a little bit of game time on a daily basis even if it's just for the login reward. TEPPEN is a co-development game between Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment.

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