The Brilliant TCL 49-inch Roku TV Is Just $200 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Amazon has dropped the price on TCL's 49-inch 1080p Roku TV today, bringing the price down to just $199. That's good for $50 off of its regular price. Not a crazy good deal, but that's still $50 off of its regular price.

This is a 1080p TV at about 49-inches. So it's not super huge, but it is big enough. It'll be great for a second bedroom, or even to put in a kitchen or in a smaller living room – if you happen to have a smaller apartment.

TCL has been doing Roku TVs for a few years now, and they are pretty popular. This is because it has Roku inside instead of a proprietary system, making it easier to use, and a lot more app selection too. So you've got apps like Netflix, Hulu, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and much more. Making this a really good option for the cord cutters out there.


It's a 1080p TV, yeah it's not 4K, but that's not the biggest deal in the world. About 80-percent of content still being produced in 2019, is shot in 1080p. So this TV is going to be perfectly fine.

You can pick up this TCL 49-inch TV from Amazon using the link below.

TCL 49-inch Roku TV - Amazon - $200