Sony's Popular XB950N1 Bluetooth Headphones Are $149 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Amazon is discounting the very popular, Sony XB950N1 noise cancelling headphones today for Prime Day. They are just $149 right now. These are normally over $200 and rarely drop lower than $169. That makes this a really good time to pick up a pair.

The Sony XB950N1 are a pair of noise cancelling headphones, that are also part of its EXTRA BASS lineup. These aren't quite on the level of the WH-1000X M3 headphones, when it comes to noise cancellation, but they do a good job. They will block out all of the noise around you, which is good, but you won't get Ambient Sound unfortunately.

These are EXTRA BASS headphones, so you're getting a ton of bass included in these headphones. That's great for those that listen to music with a ton of bass in them. You can adjust the bass with the EQ app too.


Of course, where things really are great with the XB950N1, are with the build. These are very soft and comfortable headphones to wear for many hours at a time. That's thanks to the very thick earcups. These also have some pretty good battery life, we're looking at around 20 hours of more.

You can pick up the Sony XB950N1 noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones from Amazon using the link below.

Sony XB950N1 Bluetooth Headphones - Amazon - $149