Buy A Sonos Beam Or Sonos One & Get Up To $100 In Amazon Gift Cards – Amazon Prime Day 2019


When major sales events like Prime Day roll around it is usually the 'off the ticket' discount people are looking for. However, there are many ways in which you can save.

Take the Sonos Beam and the Sonos One for example. Both of these highly sought-after audio products are currently included in the Prime Day celebrations although instead of maximizing the discounts, you get a free Amazon gift card to be used at a later time.

Those opting for the more expensive Sonos Beam get the best deal as along with the soundbar they'll get a $100 Amazon gift card – technically two $50 gift cards. Together the bundle comes in at $359 and this compares to the total $499 cost if purchased separately. In comparison, those opting for the Sonos One will pay $179 and along with the smart speaker, buyers receive a $50 Amazon gift card.


It's worth noting that even if you didn't want the actual gift card it is still cheaper to buy the bundle then it would be to buy the device on its own. For example, while the Sonos Beam + $100 Amazon Gift card comes in at $359, Amazon is currently selling the Sonos Beam at its full $399.99 price when purchased on its own.

The same goes for the Sonos One as the smart speaker + $50 gift card for $179 is cheaper than the $199 Amazon is currently charging for the smart speaker alone.

Sonos Beam/One + Gift Card - Amazon - From $179