SecureAPlus Antivirus App Getting AI-Powered APEX Engine

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Some of you have probably heard of SecureAPlus, an antivirus application for Android. Well, if you’ve heard of it, chances are you also know that the app does not really shine in terms of reviews in the Play Store, as it is currently holding a 3.8-star rating.

The app itself is actually not that bad, but it did suffer in the optimizations department, which is why it managed to get a fair share of negative reviews. Having said that, the company is doing its best to improve the application, and has just announced a new feature that will boost SecureAPlus.

SecureAge has announced that it is bringing an AI-powered Apex engine to its SecureAPlus application for Android. This new engine is expected to “supplement existing features for better mobile protection”, says the company.


For those of you who do not know, SecureAge is a data security and encryption solution provider for enterprise businesses and end users. The company announced Apex engine at INTERPOL World 2019 in Singapore.

APEX is an anti-malware scanning engine, and it has been designed to bring deep learning capabilities to mobile in a lighter, but not less powerful form, claims SecureAge. APEX will allow users to scan files on their device on-the-go at any point. It is worth noting, though, that APEX is using internet connectivity to improve itself, and learn about the latest threats to Android.

The company also noted that additional levels of privacy are already available in SecureAPlus, and has noted the app’s App Locker feature as an example. App Locker pre-emptively blocks access to selected applications if someone steals your phone or tries to use it without your knowledge.


That is pretty much everything that SecureAge shared at this point in time, but it seems like its SecureAPlus antivirus application for Android will become a lot better really soon. Let’s just hope that the company managed to include some additional optimizations for the existing features.

Now, the app already has plenty of functionality. It comes with a Universal AV Cloud Engine, it is capable of scanning with 10+ cloud engines at a time which ensures higher coverage against new and known malware and viruses.

The app also offers on-demand file scanning, while it can scan newly-added files and your applications. The design of the application is quite straightforward, it combines blue and white colors, and keeps things really simple, which is a good thing, as it stays out of its way in the design department, pretty much. All the necessary features are located in a menu which pops up from the left side.


SecureAPlus also comes in a form for desktop computers, and it includes some other, desktop-centric features in that form. If you’d like to know more about the application and the whole SecureAPlus suite, click the link down below which will take you to SecureAPlus app’s listing in the Google Play Store. The company even included some information for the desktop version of SecureAPlus in the description.

SecureAPlus (Play Store)