Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 10 Announcement For August 7

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019

Samsung has just sent out invites for its Galaxy Unpacked event happening on August 7, confirming that it will be holding the event on that date after previous rumors pegged it for the time of the company’s upcoming device announcements.

Samsung doesn’t explicitly state that Unpacked will bring the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10, but it’s not being shy with its teasers either. In a coy yet also blatantly obvious video invitation for Galaxy Unpacked 2019, Samsung shows off the majority of what looks like it’ll be the next version of the S Pen, the tool that has made the Note series so popular over the years.

While Samsung doesn’t mention the Note 10 in any capacity with words, what the company does say is that it will unveil new devices at Galaxy Unpacked 2019, which says a couple of things. One, when paired with the video teaser and the S Pen image, that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the main device on display. Two, is that the company will also be planning to announce other devices at the show.


This is perhaps nothing new. The company has routinely shown off more than one device at just about every Unpacked event, although not necessarily all phones. The same thing will be happening here too, the question has just shifted to what it plans to announce alongside the upcoming smartphone.

The teaser video may give something away. It starts with the S Pen descending down onto a blank surface, but then proceeds to begin drawing a circle, which then transforms into a camera. This could be just one of the cameras on the Galaxy Note 10 as it’s been rumored to have four of them, or it could be something entirely different, like a new camera device akin to the Gear 360, keeping in mind there haven’t been any rumors of such a camera device for this year.

In addition to “unveiling new devices” Samsung says that what it announces at Galaxy Unpacked 2019 was designed to take the Galaxy ecosystem’s connectivity to the next level. What the company means by this exactly is unclear but it alludes to the fact that whatever Samsung is showing off at this upcoming event with the Galaxy Note 10 is meant to work together with the device in some way.


More accurately, it’s likely that the devices it unveils will connect to more than just those at the event. Samsung does say that the devices were designed to bring the Galaxy ecosystem’s connectivity to the next level, with the emphasis on the word “ecosystem.”

The Galaxy ecosystem is bigger than just the few devices that Samsung is probably going to officially announce at Unpacked, so in addition to the Galaxy Note 10, perhaps Samsung will be showing off some sort of new camera that connects to mobile devices. The other and possibly more likely scenario in regards to the camera tease is that the S Pen itself will have its own camera, as some rumors have already suggested.

If those rumors were accurate than the video of the S Pen drawing a picture of the camera lens makes a whole lot more sense, and while it’s not an official confirmation that that is what is being shown, it’s a nod in that direction. If the S Pen does come with a camera, it’s also still unclear what exactly it would do, so there’s still some mystery left as to what all Samsung plans to show off.


Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event will take place on August 7 at the Barclays Center in New York, at 4PM Easter Standard Time which is 1PM Pacific.