Galaxy Watch Gets Update To Improve Swim Tracking & More

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Samsung has just pushed out a new update for the Galaxy Watch, which is going to improve the swim tracking, as well as the alarms on your watch, and more.

The update is pretty small in size, about 15.36MB, at least according to those on Reddit that have received the update.

In this update, Samsung has disabled automatic sync of alarms from your smartphone to the connected watch. This is supposed to improve the reliability of these alarms, but many on Reddit are not to happy with this feature removal. Being able to set your alarms through the Clock app on your Galaxy S10 is a really great feature, since it did sync to your watch. And having your watch go off in the morning is a lot more pleasant than your phone ringing.


The other big feature update in this update is the improved swim tracking. This update is going to allow your watch to better track your swimming. Now, Samsung was already pretty good at tracking swimming, so this is likely a pretty small update. But for those that do a lot of swimming, this is definitely going to be a welcome change.

Samsung’s changelog also features the common “Improved system reliability” which means a bunch of bugs were squashed. It does not mention which bugs were squashed in this update, but if you have a Galaxy Watch, you should have a much better experience with this smartwatch once you get the update in a few days.

Right now, it appears to be rolling out to users all around the world. But where the update is still just starting to roll out, it likely won’t be available to everyone just yet.


To check for the update, you can open the Galaxy Wearable app that’s on your phone. Then scroll down to “About Watch”. From there you can tap on “Tap Watch Software”, and finally tap on “Update Now”. It’ll check for an update, and if there’s one available, it’ll start the download. If not, you’ll have to wait til later, when it is available. It will likely be available in the next few days.

The Galaxy Watch is a pretty good smartwatch, especially for those that do have a Samsung smartphone – though it does work on any Android smartphone, as well as iPhones. But it works better on a Samsung smartphone because of the fact that Samsung controls both devices, so they work better together. It has multi-day battery life, and also has that rotating bezel, which is just an in-genius feature that Samsung added to this smartwatch.

While we’re hearing rumors of a new smartwatch coming to Unpacked next month, with the Galaxy Note10, it’s unlikely to be a Galaxy Watch successor. Instead it sounds like it’ll be a Galaxy Watch Active2, which seems a bit weird. Seeing as that watch only just launched with the Galaxy S10 back in March. So it’s not even six months old yet. But we’ll see in the next few weeks, as we get closer to Unpacked on August 7.