Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Official Render Leak Confirms Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 AH Leak 01

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is an upcoming smartwatch that has yet to be announced. However, it has already been the subject of a number of leaks including the surfacing of real-life images.

Here, we have an official render of the latest Samsung wearable.

As is usually the case with official renders, they offer a clearer look at the device in question compared to leaked hands-on images and that’s the case this time around as well.


The render looks to be a typical Samsung promotional image which displays the device along with the style of branding that will be in use, while also once again confirming the name of the device. The render also provides a good look at the general style and design of the smartwatch and confirms many of the aspects previously alluded to.

For example, the Galaxy Watch Active2 looks to be very similar to the original model which is not that surprising considering the original Galaxy Watch Active only launched in February of this year. The short time-frame between the two shows very little change in the overall design with Samsung once again opting for a more stylish look. A byproduct of this approach, and in keeping with the original model, results in the absence of some typical Samsung-esque features, such as the lack of a rotating bezel.

Previous rumors had pointed to three color options — black, gold and silver — becoming available with the one displayed here evidently the black model. One very obvious difference is the leather strap that now looks extremely likely to be available at launch either in replace of, or in addition to the silicone straps that were launched with the original model.


One of the other design elements previously commented on was the power button. This is located on the side of the device and what is interesting about this button is the red ring. It remains unconfirmed what the red ring indicates, if anything, although it does appear to be one of the aspects that is particularly on show in this official render. Something that might suggest there is more purpose to the red ring than cosmetics alone.

It had also been said the Galaxy Watch Active2 will feature additional health-related features, including an ECG and fall detection. It is difficult to say if that is any more or less the case based on this render alone, but the smartwatch display does appear to showcase more robust-looking heart rate monitoring imagery. This could simply be just that — improved imagery — although considering the original model made a play for additional related features including blood pressure monitoring, there’s no reason to assume this device won’t make a similar play, including the ability to take an electrocardiogram. This is particularly true if the ECG functionality draws on the help of a third-party app just like the original model’s blood pressure monitoring does.


Rumors have also pointed to at least two different sizes (40 and 44mm) as well as both an LTE and Wi-Fi-only version. The device shown here is likely to be the LTE option as what appears to be a microphone hole is clearly visible near the power button. Based on that, it might also be the case the red ring is in fact an indicator of the LTE version.

The two versions (LTE and Wi-Fi) are also expected to sport different mAh capacity batteries and as you would expect the greater 340 mAh capacity battery is designed to power the more-demanding LTE version.

It is still unclear when Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Watch Active2 or how much it will cost when it does launch. Speculation has pointed to the new smartwatch launching alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone which we now know is taking place on August 7.


It may be the case the Galaxy Watch Active2 does launch at the same event although it’s worth pointing out the render highlights an August 5 date on the smartwatch’s display. This could equally indicate the Galaxy Watch Active2 is due to be announced, or go on sale prior to the launch of the Galaxy Note10.