You Can Buy The Galaxy Note10 In-Store On August 23

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AH NS Logo 3 2019 04

The Galaxy Note10 will be available in stores on August 23, a little more than two weeks after the device is announced by Samsung in New York City.

This is according to a report out of South Korean publication Yonhap News. This publication has been pretty on-point with anything in regards to Samsung and LG. Which makes sense, seeing as it is based in South Korea, and so are both companies.

The report states that is when it will be on sale in stores in South Korea. However, if Samsung continues with the trend it has had for the past few years, the Galaxy Note10 will launch in the US and many other countries on the same day as South Korea. And it is usually about two weeks after the device is announced – usually that Friday. Which looks to be the case this time too.


Samsung announces the next Galaxy Note smartphone in early August now, so that it can get it on store shelves and into customers hands well before the iPhone launch in mid to late September. Samsung used to announce the device at IFA in Berlin, around Labor Day, with it coming to stores at about the same time as the iPhone. Since making this change, Samsung has been able to sway more iPhone buyers over to the Galaxy Note. So it’s working for them.

As for the 5G variants of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, those are reportedly only going to be released in South Korea. Given how few Americans actually have access to 5G right now, this makes a lot of sense. Samsung does have the Galaxy S10 5G available in the US, on all four carriers, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to launch another one in the US, when the market is still pretty small for 5G. Not to mention the price would likely be higher than the $1300 price tag on the Galaxy S10 5G.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ at its Unpacked event on August 7 in New York City. It’ll be taking over the Barclay’s Center once again for this one, similar to the Galaxy Note9 last year. It’s going to be a huge event, with likely a few other hardware announcements coming to. Samsung is rumored to also be bringing the Galaxy Watch Active 2 as well as the Galaxy Tab S6 to the event. And we could see the Galaxy Home once again, even though it has been delayed a lot, since it was shown off last year.


While not confirmed, Samsung will likely start pre-orders for the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ at midnight on August 8. This is what Samsung has done in years past, so that you can get your pre-order in and have the device in time for the August 23 launch. That’s much faster than most other Android smartphones, where pre-orders are typically a month after the device is announced.

The Galaxy Note10 is the most anticipated device of the year, and many are very excited to get their hands on it in the very near future.