This Is The Galaxy Note10 In Red

galaxy note 10 Resized AH

The Galaxy Note10 is due to be announced next week, and we are still getting leaks of the new device, before its announcement. The latest leak comes from WinFuture, which shows the red (or pink or rose gold, or whatever Samsung decides to call this color) Galaxy Note10 in all its glory.

Unfortunately, this color is very unlikely to be coming to the US or even North America. Typically, only the black and one or two other colors make it to the US. As the carriers don’t want to stock all these different colors and storage variants.

The image doesn’t really show us a lot of new stuff, it’s a Galaxy Note10 which we’ve already seen before, but now in a new color. Though it is interesting to see that the S Pen is also the same red color. Which looks really nice. The S Pen doesn’t appear to be redesigned, even though several rumors and leaks have pointed to a redesign this time around.


This is more of a pinkish color than red, but it’s nice and bright. Giving users something different for the Galaxy Note10 this year. As we can see, there is still the camera cut out on the front. Though it is now in the center, and not to the right-side like it is on the Galaxy S10 lineup. The screen is still curved with some pretty small bezels and those bezels are still black. Instead of the red color here, which makes it look better actually.

The backside has the triple-camera setup that you would expect to see from the Galaxy Note10. There’s also the flash to the right of that. Otherwise, the backside is pretty clean, with not much else there besides a Samsung logo and that’s about it.

As mentioned, there’s not really anything that’s new showing up on these images, other than the color. Speaking of the color, according to this report, this is going to be coming to Europe. Though the exact countries and time-frame were not mentioned. This could be coming at launch (most likely), or they could be a mid-generation paint job to get people to buy more Galaxy Note10’s before the Galaxy S11 comes out around March of next year. Samsung has done this before, but those leaks we usually don’t see this early. So it’s likely coming at launch.


The Galaxy Note10, alongside a few other products from Samsung, are slated to be announced at Unpacked next week in Brooklyn. August 7, Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy Note10 as well as the Galaxy Note10+ and a few other things. It’s going to be a pretty big event, with lots of new products being announced, that will be discounted in a couple of months once the holiday shopping starts. This is also the kickstart of the fall season, where we are going to see all sorts of new smartphones and much more.

Samsung will be taking the stage at Unpacked at about 4PM EST on August 7. And you won’t want to miss it.