Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Final Render, Release Date & More

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Leak AH 01 1

Here we have a fresh look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

This is the Verizon-flavored Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and Android Headlines can confirm the one employing the SM-N976V model number.

This model number had surfaced previously thanks to the device having been benchmarked and those listings indicated the SM-N976V model will likely come powered by 12GB RAM and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC along with One UI based on Android 9 Pie.


The date shown on the display is “August 23” and this is the date when this model will go on general sale. This date has already been accidentally confirmed by Samsung as the release date for the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ but if there was any confusion on whether that included the 5G model, this should now clear that confusion up. Unlike the Galaxy S10 line where the 5G model arrived some time after the others, Samsung will be launching the 5G version(s) of its Galaxy Note 10 product at the same time.

Speaking of the availability, recently leaked Verizon promotional materials suggested the carrier will be the first place to offer up the new Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Whether or not that is the case, it does seem whichever carrier a buyer opts to purchase through they will be able to take advantage of a number of launch deals, including buying the Galaxy Note 10 device and getting another Galaxy Note 10 phone for free.

In Verizon’s case, the leaked promotional materials did make it clear this promotion will extend to the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G although the phone thrown in for free won’t be another + 5G model, but one of the 4G-based Galaxy Note 10 variants.


Another aspect that Android Headlines is looking to confirm today is that the wallpaper shown in the image is the official and final wallpaper. Many of the renders that have surfaced recently have either been promotional images that showcase additional aspects, like the name, or a wallpaper that was not finalized. This is a final render of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and its wallpaper.

This latest image also does provide a fairly clear look at most sides of the device barring the top and bottom. What is missing from this picture, however, is the S Pen and that’s unfortunate as there’s been a fair amount of speculation surrounding the S Pen and considering this is a final press render it would have been beneficial to be able to take a closer look at the Galaxy Note line’s trademark feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G final render leak

Besides the 5G support, it remains to be seen what else is different with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G compared to the 4G version considering the same Infinity Display with centrally-positioned front-facing camera, rear camera array, and design overall matches that of the standard Galaxy Note 10+. However, those looking to purchase a new Galaxy Note 10 device with network future-proofing in mind will find the inclusion of the 5G support is likely to be a big enough selling point on its own.


That is, if they can also get over the price tag as it is expected the 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10+ will be the most expensive model in this year’s Galaxy Note 10 lineup.

For those still unaware, the difference between the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10 looks likely to come down to the display size (the Galaxy Note 10+ is larger), the RAM (the Galaxy Note 10+ has more) and the rear camera setup – with the Galaxy Note 10+ shipping with an additional Time-of-Flight sensor.

The Galaxy Note 10 family of devices will be announced on August 7 and as mentioned, will be available to buy starting from August 23.