Samsung Galaxy Fold May Launch On iPhone Day

Samsung Galaxy Fold Wide Render 3 25 2019 Light Enhanced

Samsung came out last week, and said that the Galaxy Fold would be launching in September. After it went through rigorous testing, following the April launch that never happened. The company announced this late at night, after a busy day of other news. Making it look like the company was trying to bury it. Now, we’re hearing the official launch date could be on the iPhone announcement day, which really makes it look like Samsung is trying to bury the Galaxy Fold.

According to a report out of The Investor, which is a South Korean publication – and has a pretty good track record. The Galaxy Fold will go on sale again between September 18 and 20. That is right around the same time as the iPhone is announced every year. So it’s very possible that while everyone is watching Apple’s event in Cupertino, Samsung puts the Galaxy Fold back on sale, for a whopping $1980.

This does seem to be a bit odd for Samsung, seeing as it had moved up the Galaxy Note launch a few years ago, so that it is well ahead of the iPhone and in people’s hands before the iPhone is announced. Hence the early-August launch now. But with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is looking to show off its technical prowess, and isn’t looking to sell a high volume of these smartphones.


Of course, at $1980, they weren’t going to sell a whole lot anyways.

But with the lengthy delay, and T-Mobile dropping out of selling the Galaxy Fold, it looks like Samsung really just wants to brush the whole thing under the rug. We can’t blame them, but Samsung does need to make some money off of the Galaxy Fold. After all, this technology is not new, and after having to essentially rebuild the phone in the past few months, it’s definitely deep in the hole on this project.

The Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to launch on April 26. Samsung gave a handful of publications (we were not one of them) the Galaxy Fold about two weeks ahead of that launch.


After everyone got their hands-on out the door, some of these publications started to see some issues with the Galaxy Fold. They were breaking. And the kicker was, they weren’t breaking in the same way. Some were taking off the “screen protector”, which we later learned was the protective film used to keep the phone working when it’s folded and unfolded many times. Others were seeing debris getting in the hinge and underneath the display. And there were a few other issues there too.

So Samsung decided to scrap the April launch, and started doing some more R&D on the Galaxy Fold, to make it better. The entire thing just seemed very rushed, like it was looking to be first – even though Royale had already beaten it. And with a price tag of $1980, it needed to get it closer to right than it was at that time.

Now Samsung says that the Galaxy Fold has been fixed, and it’s still going through some last minute tests before it goes on sale in September. But releasing it during the iPhone event still seems a bit suspect.