Samsung QLED TVs Get Huge Discounts For Its "Black Friday In July" Sale

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Samsung has just kicked off its “Black Friday in July” sale, coincidentally right after Amazon’s Prime Day.

In this sale, you’ll be able to save big on new QLED TVs from Samsung as well as some of its more popular sound bars. Making it a great time to give your entertainment center a makeover.

You can save up to $3,000 on QLED TVs and up to $300 on sound bars.


The Samsung Q900 65-inch QLED TV is discounted to $3499, which is good for $1500 off of its regular price. You might be wondering why this is so expensive, even after the discount. Well that’s because this is an 8K TV. It looks incredible, but it’s important to remember that 8K is still very new, and there’s very little content that you can watch in 8K. So this might not be the best TV to pick up.

A more wallet-friendly option would be the Samsung Q70R 65-inch TV which is $1499 right now. It’s a mere $700 off of its regular price, but a much easier to afford option. This is a 4K TV with a QLED panel. It does also have support for HDR10 and Dolby Atmos, so you’re still getting a really good picture out of this one.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not discounted all of its QLED TVs for this sale, it’s mostly the higher-end models. So if you’re looking for a really good TV at a really good price, this is the time to grab one.


Samsung is also taking an additional $200 off when you combine your purchase with a sound bar. Since these TVs are super thin, and audio was not a big factor in creating them, you’re going to want a sound bar. What this means is that, the built-in speakers are not good. And a sound bar will sound much better, especially if you get a Dolby Atmos sound bar.

Another popular TV model that is on sale in this Black Friday in July sale at Samsung, is “The Frame”. This is also a QLED TV, and it’s $1000 off right now, dropping down to just $1799 for the 65-inch model. This TV is pretty impressive because it can act as a picture frame. Using cameras that are all around the TV, it can also blend into your wall, or just make it look like a picture frame, so you’ll want to keep it on all the time.

The reason why a QLED TV is able to do this, is because of how accurate the picture quality  is on this TV. And also the very deep blacks. It’s not quite on the level of OLED yet, but it is pretty close. Giving the look of it being an actual picture frame, which is a pretty cool party trick, especially if you have the TV mounted on the wall.


You can shop all of these TVs and sound bars, and much more in Samsung’s Black Friday in July sale by hitting the link down below. These won’t be discounted for long, so you’ll want to grab them before they are gone.

Samsung's Black Friday in July Sale