Peyton Manning's New ESPN Plus Original Premieres This Week

Peytons Places

Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl Champion and future Hall of Famer, has a new original series that is coming to ESPN Plus. And it premiere’s on the platform this week.

As we speak, the first four episodes are available on ESPN Plus. This is the first four of a thirty episode series. It’s a series that any NFL fan is going to want to watch.

It’s called “Peyton’s Places”. It’s celebrating the 100th season of the NFL. Throughout the series, Manning will take viewers on a unique and humorous storytelling journey. He’ll be speaking with former players, coaches, and key figures. Manning will be getting to the hear of football history and its cultural impact.


The NFL has been around for 100 years, but football has been around far longer. Football actually started in 1869. With the NFL forming in 1920 in Canton, Ohio – where the NFL Hall Of Fame is right now.

Manning’s series here is going to have a bit of a documentary feel to it. Since he is going to be getting to the heart of football history and its cultural impact. It’s going to be a pretty educational series from Manning and ESPN Plus, and anyone that is an NFL fan is going to want to see this.

There’s more original content coming to ESPN Plus too. Dana White Contender Series is getting a new episode today (July 30) and will get another new episode every Tuesday through the end of August. This is a show where Dana White – the President of UFC – is searching for the next-generation of UFC fighters. This is a pretty good show to watch if you’re into the UFC or MMA at all.


It’s an important show too, because the UFC is going to need new fighters, as their current crop of fighters get older and decide to retire, or simply leave the Octagon altogether, like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar have in the past few years. Two names that really put the UFC on the map in the past decade.

ESPN Plus also has a slew of live sports on the platform this week. With plenty of soccer coming your way this week. The semifinals of the Audi Cup are this week. And then the EFL Championship season kicks off on Friday.

This is the streaming platform for sports fans. ESPN Plus is a compliment to the ESPN channel(s) that you likely get in your cable package. It offers more content than those traditional ESPN channels, as well as a ton of original content. Many athletes are now starting up their own production company and are also getting their own shows. Peyton Manning and Dana White are mentioned here, but not the only ones.


ESPN Plus is just $4.99 per month, which is a pretty crazy deal, considering the amount of content that you get with this service. It is also available on virtually every platform you can think of. That includes Android, Android TV Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet and much more.

You can sign up for ESPN Plus now, by clicking here.