You Can Get A Robot Vacuum For $140 Today


Amazon is continuing its pre-Prime Day sales today, discounting the OPODEE Robot Vacuum, bringing it down to just $139.99. That is $60 off of its regular price, and makes it a really good time to pick up a robot vacuum. The days of having to pay many hundreds of dollars to get a robot vacuum to clean your home, appear to be over.

The OPODEE Robot Vacuum is not a fancy robot vacuum, as you can probably imagine for this price. But it does have some pretty good suction, at about 1800Pa. That's going to be enough to clean up all of the dirt around your home, without leaving anything behind, which is always important.

It does have "smart navigation" so it is able to clean your entire home without missing any spots, always a good thing. It can also clean up to 1600 square-feet on a single charge. That charge will last for around 100 minutes or so. Once it runs out of juice, it will return to its base so it can charge up. If it did not finish cleaning your home before it ran out of juice, then it will start up again once it is fully charged.


This robot vacuum from OPODEE does not have app control, instead it uses a physical remote control for you to control it. This does seem kind of old school, but for a robot vacuum that is just $140, that is not a big surprise. You can still control where it goes, schedule when you want it to clean and so forth, so it's not the end of the world.

You can pick up the OPODEE robot vacuum from Amazon today for just $139.99. However, this is a pre-Prime Day deal, which means that it is only available for Prime members. If you aren't a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and pick up this robot vacuum and also take advantage of the Prime Day deals next week.

OPODEE Robot Vacuum - Amazon - $139