New, Free Songs Heading to Beat Saber this Week!


Get your saber arms ready fans, because new songs will be heading to your VR platform of choice later this week "if everything goes well", according to a Tweet from the developer this past weekend. What songs can we expect? It's going to be anyone's guess until they land, but Beat Games has posted an odd teaser picture that could mean several things.

The picture of a surprised cat in the Tweet is from a YouTube channel called "Aaron's Animals", which has nearly 2 million subscribers as of the writing of this article. The video in question is a sort of parody of the classic Christmas movie Home Alone, but instead of Macaulay Culkin playing the kid that got left behind, it's Michael the cat that gets stuck alone in the upstairs bed. After waking up and finding he's alone, he notices two burglar cats ransacking the neighbor's house, and the rest of the video goes just about how you would expect if you've ever seen a Home Alone movie.

What's interesting is that, unlike the previous free song releases which were based on popular YouTube hits like Crab Rave or K/DA Pop/Stars, the video referenced doesn't feature any catchy electronica songs. What it does contain, as you might expect from a Home Alone parody, is Christmas music. Are we going to see a Christmas in July special from Beat Games? A few remixed Holiday classics certainly could be fun.


Then there's the question of when that Official Soundtrack 3 is going to be launching, which will presumably be free just as OST 1 and 2 were included in the price of the original game. OST 2 dropped in March when the game went gold, bringing it officially out of beta into version 1 and included the single-player mode from the PSVR release as well as the Ghost Note modifier.

Jaroslav Beck, the musical genius behind the songs that ultimately made Beat Saber so immediately recognizable, livestreamed a 1 hour and 11 minute session of songs he's been working on for OST 3 just last month. While initial thoughts were that this could be the upcoming free songs, Beat Games clarified in a later Tweet that the new songs coming to Beat Saber were songs that "already exist", which puts the kibosh to any hopes of OST 3 hitting this week.

Lastly is the option that new Monster Cat songs will be making an appearance, which seems right in line with the surprised cat in the teaser. The first Music Pack DLC from the company was a 10-pack of tunes from the famous Monster Cat music group. The big difference here is that these songs would be free, whereas the Monster Cat DLC required users to pay for the songs before playing for licensing reasons. It's not out of line to think Monster Cat could have gifted some songs to Beat Games as a way of advertising its killer albums and live events, so this is a very feasible theory.


Either way, it seems this new pack of songs is only a few days away, and it's expected to be coming to all platforms that Beat Saber is sold on, including SteamVR (HTC Vive, Valve Index), Oculus Home (Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest), and Playstation VR.

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