Protect Your Home From Intruders With A Discounted Nest Cam

Nest cam Indoor Deal AH

Amazon isn’t saving all the discounts for Prime Day, it is currently discounting the Nest Cam, dropping it down to just $164. That’s down from $199, and this is a rather important price drop because Nest products rarely ever drop in price. So if you’ve been looking to get a Nest Cam, now is going to be a good time to grab one.

The Nest Cam is a security camera that you can put in your home to keep an eye on what’s going on at home when you’re not there. This is not an outdoor camera, since it is not weatherproof, so you’re not going to be able to put it outside, unfortunately. But you can put it in a window to see what’s going on outside.

Nest Cam does have a pretty wide field-of-view, so you’re able to see everything that’s happening outside your home, which is always a good thing. It does 1080p and has nightvision. So you’re not getting 4K out of this one, but 1080p is still going to be plenty for most people.


With the Nest Cam, you’ll be able to get notifications on your phone when there is movement. Nest has gotten pretty good over the past few years, so it’s not giving you notifications when a shadow changes in your living room, telling you that there’s movement. But instead, it will tell you when there is actual movement in your living room. It can also recognize people. This is great because it won’t alert you to someone being in your kitchen if they are someone that it has seen before and should be there – maybe your kids or significant other.

You can pick up the Nest Cam from Amazon using the link below. This isn’t going to be around for long, so you’ll want to grab it before it’s gone.

Nest Cam - Amazon - $164