Look at Me. PS VR Says I'm the Iron Man Now.

iron man vr psvr 2

When it comes to video games, few are as satisfying as the ones that allow you to become the character or hero you’ve always wanted to be. That’s especially true of Superheroes, yet there have been almost no VR games that have successfully given players the real feeling of being a Superhero without significant amounts of hand-holding.

Iron Man VR for Playstation VR does away with all that hand holding and lets you control the hands of Iron Man as you step into the suit and do exactly what you want, when you want to.

There’s no shortage of partnerships and character tie-ins with Disney’s Marvel universe nowadays, but few go to the lengths to create such a visceral and unique experience than Camouflaj games has.


When Iron Man VR was first teased a few months back, many wondered what kind of experience Camouflaj was working to craft. Was it going to be an on-rails shooter? Maybe just a shooting gallery? How about an interactive adventure story that’s less focused on the action? Camouflaj answers all of this in the latest trailer for Iron Man VR and focuses particularly on the flight and combat designs for the game.

Much to the surprise of quite a few folks who were guessing about the game’s design, Camouflaj talks in the trailer about how the world in Iron Man VR is designed to be an open-world experience, giving few restrictions to players. This is quite the opposite of what many expected and clearly aims to give players a new sense of power and freedom instead of just throwing players into scripted events and levels that are little more than interactive tunnels.


The Playstation Move controllers enable players to use their hands in a way that looks and feels more like what Iron Man’s would, if such a suit were available for free use. Repulsors and thrusters are both available for free use from the palms of Iron Man’s hands, and are used to propel you through the sky at breakneck speeds. Full freedom of movement means players will likely take a few minutes to get adjusted before they’re doing tricks and looking like the actual Iron Man.

Fights are made up of an intelligent blend of movement, strategy, and action, and will require players to think on (or off) their feet as they fly through the skies blasting down enemies galore. It’s this freedom that looks to deliver the ultimate Superhero experience, and one that’s sure to get Playstation VR users jumping for joy when it releases later this year.

While it’s not likely that Iron Man VR will make it to other VR systems, there are certainly folks pulling for such a move. Thankfully, the Playstation VR headset is one of the most affordable ways to step into VR and only requires a Playstation 4 to power the experience. Check out the trailer below and see if it doesn’t pique your interest!