July Beat Saber Update Brings Three New Songs To Make You Sweat

Beat Saber VR AH NS 01 shirt HMDs

Summer getting too hot for you? With record heat hitting many parts of the world right now, sweating is something you’re probably doing by just sitting down, much less working out. But sometimes sweat is worthwhile, and it’s the latest Beat Saber update that’s here to prove that statement.

Camellia is making an official debut on Beat Saber with three songs: Crystalized, Cycle Hit, and WHAT THE CAT!?, and all three of these songs are definitely going to make you sweat.

Just a few days back, the official Beat Saber Twitter account made an announcement that developers had been working on three new free songs that should be released by the end of the week “if all goes well”. It appears that this statement has come true as today’s update (July 25) is bringing three brand new songs from community favorite Camellia. As is the case with the best music found in the Beat Saber library (official and unofficial), the tempo of Camellia’s latest songs is fast.


As you’ll see in the trailer in the Tweet, you’ll need to move Sonic speed to get these beats sliced without failing miserably, and it’s very likely that many players will find these to be among the absolute most difficult songs they’ve ever played in the game.

We were a bit thrown off by the teaser from Beat Games a few days back, as the referenced image used in the teaser seemed to have pointed to only a few distinct possibilities, one of which seemed to be the ‘Christmas in July’ theme that pops up around this time of year. The other possibility seemed to include another compilation of Monstercat songs, given that the first DLC for the game is titled ‘Beat Saber – Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1’. Of course, that’s not what panned out, but the implication for Monstercat is that we’ll see at least one more volume from the group before too long.

This update should be rolling out for all platforms that Beat Saber can be purchased on today. That includes SteamVR (HTC Vive, Valve Index), Oculus Home (Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest), and Playstation VR. You should find the new songs under the “Extras” section in the song list.


For those not in the know, Beat Saber is probably the single most popular VR title on the market, and it’s one that combines the success of past music rhythm games into movements and actions that can only be done in VR. Slicing blocks to the rhythm is only the start of what it’s like to play the game, and once you’ve tried it out you’re sure to be addicted.

This simple-but-addicting gameplay has led quite a few folks to lose a lot of weight along the way, some even coming in at more than 100 pounds off since they started. It’s a phenomenon that encourages some healthy habits in a market that’s not typically seen for its health-conscious ways. Just make sure to keep that sweat from getting in your VR HMD while playing; it won’t thank you for it.