Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphones For $58 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Amazon has the Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphones down to just $57.99 right now. That's good for $42 off of its regular price, and that makes this a pretty sweet deal. That's good for over 40-percent off of its regular price, that's something you won't see often.

The Jabra Move are a more lightweight pair of headphones. These are on-ear headphones instead of over-ear. This makes them a big more comfortable as they don't make your ears very warm or start to sweat after wearing them for many hours. Additionally, they are lighter so they are still very comfortable.

Jabra's headphones aren't very bassy like Sony's headphones, and especially not the Move. Instead, Jabra focuses on making the mids and highs crystal clear. There is some bass, but nothing like Sony's EXTRA BASS headphones.


With these headphones, you'll get around 14 hours of battery life on a single charge. That should be plenty to get you through a full day. You also get some good standby time here, at about 12 days. So these can sit in your bag for a few days and still have a decent charge left.

You can pick up the Jabra Move Bluetooth Headphones from Amazon using the link below.

Jabra Move - Amazon - $57.99