The Jabra Elite 85h Just Got Their First Price Drop


Amazon has given the Jabra Elite 85h wireless noise cancelling headphones its first discount, dropping them down to just $249. That's $50 off of the regular price for these, and makes it an even sweeter deal. These were already a really great pair of headphones for $299, and now at $249, it makes it almost a steal.

The Jabra Elite 85h are a pair of over-ear noise cancellation wireless headphones. These are pretty lightweight headphones, so that you can wear these for hours on end, without having to worry about them getting uncomfortable and want to take them off.

Jabra is also pretty great with sound quality, given their recent headphones. So you won't need to worry about that. You're going to get some really deep bass, as well as crisp mids and highs. Providing you with a pretty good sound experience when wearing these headphones. Jabra has also included eight microphones on these headphones, so that you can use these for calls, and it will also use these microphones to cancel out the background noise. Making it easier for people to hear you on the other end.


When it comes to battery life, the Jabra Elite 85h blows all of the competition out of the water. We're looking at about 36 hours of continuous playback, and that's with active noise cancellation turned on. If you turn that off, you can likely get over 40 hours on a charge. That's pretty insane, and to put that in perspective, Sony's WH-1000X M3 headphones are rated at about 20 hours with active noise cancellation turned on. So if you want something with plenty of battery life, this is the one to get.

You can pick up the Jabra Elite 85h active noise cancellation wireless headphones from Amazon using the link below. But you'd better hurry as this won't be around for long.

Jabra Elite 85h - Amazon - $249