IKEA Brings FLOALT Smart Lights To The US & Intros New Bulbs

IKEA FLOALT Smart Lighting Fixture

IKEA is launching a handful of new items as part of its TRADFRI line of smart lights, which includes some new bulbs, a new remote that’s included with the TRADFRI Gateway lighting kit, and a new motion sensor that is designed to be used in more places in and around the outside of your home.

The new motion sensor is said to be pretty much identical to the old version of this sensor, except it’s now water resistant which makes it perfect for use inside bathrooms and perhaps outside near pools or sprinkler systems where it has a higher chance of getting wet. You won’t currently find the new version of the motion sensor on IKEA’s website but it does appear to be highlighted in the IKEA Home Smart application, so if you have this installed you should be able to see it there.

Since it’s not currently on IKEA’s website there’s no confirmation on cost, but the original sensor is $19.99 so it’ll either be the same price or fairly close to it. As for the new smart bulbs, IKEA’s website does already have these listed. Starting with the new TRADFRI filament-style bulb which comes in an E26 size, it costs $15.99 and is described as having the ability to select between three different colors while also witching between warm and cool light temperatures.


IKEA is also now offering a new version of the E12 size TRADFRI bulb which costs $19.99, and is rated at 650 lumens compared to the 806 lumen filament-style E26 bulb. Both of these bulbs are now offered in updated versions of the TRADFRI gateway kit, which also comes with the the gateway and a remote.

There are two different updated gateway kits to choose from. One at $69.99 which comes with the gateway, the remote, two of the new E12 bulbs and one new E26 bulbs, and a second kit at $79.99 which comes with the gateway, remote, and two of the new E26 bulbs.

Though these are all now live on the website you still aren’t able to buy them online, though it is possible that they may be in stock at your nearest IKEA store if you’re interested in picking them up. The website does allow you to plug your store into the locator to see if they’re available nearby.

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In addition to these new products, IKEA is also bringing some existing smart lighting products that were previously available in other regions to the US market. Specifically the Floalt lighting fixtures that be hung from or mounted into the wall or ceiling. There are three light fixtures in the lineup to choose from which include 12 x 12 option at $69.99, a 24 x 24 option at $129.99, and a taller style fixture that measures 12 x 25 and goes $129.99.

The Floalt fixtures are also not yet available for online purchase but just like the new lights and updated version of the kits there’s a possibility that you may be able to find them in your local store, or the store that is nearest to you. IKEA lists that the bulbs and fixtures will only work with its own smart lighting products, meaning you’ll need one of its gateways if you want to use any of the actual lights.