How Technology Is Helping Health And Wellness


In our daily life, technology has taken the role of prerequisite to perform basic as well as advanced activities. It has eased the life at every level and this applies even in the field of medical science.

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware and taking preventive steps for their wellness. The whole process has become easy and quick due to use of technology at every step.

A whole new healthcare market has emerged because of technical evolution; and this healthcare market has changed the entire face of medical field altogether.


Lately, there are apps being developed which helps individuals connect with the medical practitioner in no time; one such example is docprime app. This app not only enables an individual to consult a medical practitioner at any time of the day, but also in booking appointment in a lab and provides necessary medical information.

Taking care of health has become handy in today's technical generation and here is how-

1. Track your health – Wearable fitness trackers is one of the latest innovations which can help in tracking all over health all the time. The machine is wearable, and can be worn on wrist just like a watch and it works as a watch too.


With the help of this device, an individual can track heart rate, calories gained and lost, pulses, distance walked, temperature of the body, sleep hours etc.

This device is smart watch and has an option of synchronization. It can be synchronized with certain computer to track the data for long run, shared with other people and doctors.

2. Diet – With the help of certain healthcare apps, an individual can plan diet on the basis of the body mass index and medical conditions. There is also an option of consulting dietician and nutrionist and discuss the concern.


Apart from discussing diet, internet can be used to check the significance of food on the health and decide what an individual should eat in an entire day to lead a healthy lifestyle.

3. Electronic Health Records – This has been a great help to both medical practitioners as well as patients. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) help in keeping all the necessary medical documents at one place.

This minimizes the use of paper and is easily accessible at any medical facility. With the help of EHRs, assessing a patient has become easy and workflow has sped up. Risk of error has decreased as well as the healthcare cost has also reduced.


4. Virtual Reality – Usually used for entertainment, this technology has produced some amazing effect in the medical field as well. The multi-sensory and immersive experience produced by VR has provided benefit to both patients as well as medical practitioners. The technology has helped in following ways:

Training: The technology can be used to train surgeons in a low-key as well as simulated and realistic environment. The cost of training is reduced and also, an individual can access the knowledge from any corner of the world.

Mental and Physical Health: VR has therapeutic rehabilitation for anxiety disorders and acute pain.


VR is one of the cost-effective as well as efficient tools for both treatment and teaching.

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5. Genome Sequencing: Genomics is being called as the future of healthcare. Personal genomic is referred to as sequencing and analysis of an individual's genome. Later, the information is passed to the individual.


Sequencing the human genome has been proved to be one of the greatest technical advancement in the field of medical science.

This technical advancement in the medical field has helped in performing many lifesaving procedures.

Technology wave has eased out our life to a great extent and has reduced mortality rate substantially. People are using it for purpose and are utilizing it to prevent medical conditions even before they exhibit any trace.