Command The Night's Watch In Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, but when you play a game based on the game of thrones you simply get to have fun. At least that's the idea here. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall lets you take charge of the Night's Watch after the former commander, Brynden Rivers has disappeared beyond the wall. The Watch needs a leader, and it's up to you to see things don't fall into ruin.

This is a strategy game which means turn-based combat. That actually blends well with the theme that the Game of Thrones show and Song of Ice and Fire books have laid in front of their audiences over the years. Almost everything that happens is a strategic move with a means to an end in a story filled with political intrigue and warfare, and now you'll get to play some of that out in a sense.

The story in the game will be its own unique story set apart from the show or the books, which is good considering the game is set 48 years before the events of the show, but you're still able to recruit playable characters that are in the show, like Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Daenerys Targaryen, Jamie Lannister and others.

Using the powers of the weirwood trees you can recruit (collect) your favorite characters and use them to build your ultimate squad for strategic battles. Combat looks and feels like it would in a tactical RPG such as Fire Emblem Heroes or The Banner Saga. Every single move has just as much potential to be your undoing as it does your salvation when it comes to victory on the field, so picking your characters wisely is something no player should overlook.

It's a strategy game first but there are plenty of RPG elements here too, so reading about the abilities of each character to see which ones blend well with others could be a great strategy for ensuring you don't lose, or at least lose much less often.

Aside from the combat, Beyond The Wall will allow players to build the Night's Watch, but to do that you'll need resources and you will have to send Night's Watch recruits on expeditions to gather the resources you need to build things up.

Much of the game's activities are in the name; "Beyond The Wall." A majority of the activities take place here. Sending on recruits on expeditions is just one small part of things. You can also explore the haunted forest to discover new things that could help you in the game, as well as send out your ravens to unlock and upgrade items for use in battles. Speaking of which, battles can be played outside of the main story campaign in a PvP-based setting if you feel like taking on other players.

Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall is not yet available as it's just been announced, but it is already available for pre-registration on the Play Store. There is no exact time frame for a launch but it will be releasing some time in 2019.

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