This Is The Galaxy Note 10+ In Aura White


Samsung's still-unannounced Galaxy Note 10+ has now been spotted leaking out in yet another color configuration in reportedly official renders of the flagship phablet. This time, the device is shown in a stark white coloration dubbed "Aura White."

By contrast to earlier leaks of the next-generation Note, there don't seem to be any gradients visible in Aura White. Instead, the company has opted for a variant that absorbs color without reflecting them back, giving the slim-bezel design an unreasonably clean aesthetic.

The new color does show some coherence with those aforementioned color leaks too. The now-standard Samsung S Pen stylus is coated in the same hue. The only areas where the design seems to step away from the color is in terms of a thin silver line surrounding the edge or the minuscule black bezel surrounding the display and camera housing.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ equals colors for days

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will also, based on the details provided by the source, arrive in at least one color configuration that was already recently spotted for the smaller Galaxy Note 10. Namely, that's the pink-hued red color that was outed just a few days back.

Like the newest configuration, the 'red' tone doesn't feature any gradient either and the only areas that aren't drenched in the color are in the edges and bezel — giving the line, as leaked so far, a cohesive design regardless of what color is chosen.


Aside from the newest addition to the array of colors leaked in official renders, Samsung will also make this device available in Green and Black variations as well as a gradient-rich Silver version.

While Blue tones have become a staple for Galaxy flagships over the past few years, the latest colors round out the list of expected colors for this particular device based on previously leaked documents. So it's not out of the question that one of those will be seen but it's equally likely that this is the last color that will be leaked.

More to come in just a week's time


Samsung is expected to take the wraps off of its Galaxy Note lineup for 2019 on August 7 at an in-house event. So all of the leaks and rumors will probably be confirmed or rebutted soon enough. In the meantime, there have already been a significant number of other leaks about the company's next top-tier phablet.

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will reportedly pack in either an Exynos 9825 chip built by its own chip division or a Snapdragon 855 or Snapdragon 855+. That's going to vary based on region, most likely following the previous trend of selling the Qualcomm variant in the US and China while other international regions see the Exynos chip.

Regardless of whether or not the device brings an in-house solution or one bearing Snapdragon branding, that will ship with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage with a 45000mAh capacity battery.


That's all expected to be packed in behind a Samsung-designed 6.75-inch 'Dynamic' AMOLED screen at a QHD+ resolution.

Samsung also plans to release a separate 5G variant, according to the most recent rumors, complete with 25W fast charging.