The FX+ Subscription Service Is Closing Down


In a world where it seems it is now constantly raining down subscription services, one is about to bite the dust.

FX+, the FX-focused streaming service is coming to an end on August 20, 2019 after which subscribers will no longer be able to stream any FX or FXX content through the service.

The confirmation of the shutdown is now visible on the FX+ website where it also explains a few details including what current subscribers need and don't need to do going forward.


Basically, subscribers don't really need to do anything as once the shutdown date lands, their subscription will automatically come to an end. Therefore there's no need to cancel a current subscription or worry about being billed beyond Aug 20. This includes those who are billed through a TV provider and not FX+ directly.

Up until August 21 the same content will remain available through the FX+ website as well as the FXNOW app. Those interested will also be able to continue to watch FX and FXX originals for a "limited time" through the FXNOW app and the main FX website after that date.

Of course, FX and FXX shows will still continue to be available via linear channels.


The announcement does not really explain why the service is closing down although it stands to reason that part of the motivation lies with The Walt Disney Company. After all, Disney owns FX following the purchase of 21st Century Fox and Disney is currently preparing to shake up the streaming market with the launch of its own and all-inclusive Disney+ streaming service.

FX+ currently costs subscribers $5.99 per month and Disney has already confirmed its new service will be priced at just $6.99 per month. So this might just be a case of FX+ making way for something that's much bigger and better.

The FX+ service originally launched back in 2017 although at the time it was largely only accessible by Comcast customers. That changed in 2018 when the decision was made to open up the service to all FX customers.


In spite of the widening of availability, FX+ did remain inaccessible to some as this was one of the few subscription services that actively require the subscriber to already have access to FX to begin with. Essentially, it was an add-on to the FX experience and this is in contrast to the wealth of streaming services that are now becoming available that act as standalone services. This includes the upcoming Disney+ service which is expected to bundle together a wealth of content from many of the brands Disney now owns.

From Disney's perspective, FX+ was most likely considered to be surplus to requirements and this is particularly true considering Disney is also now in full control of Hulu.

The most likely outcome of this service closure is that a good portion, if not all, of the content that was primarily available through FX+ will either be included with the new Disney+ streaming service or find its way to Hulu.


In the meantime, FX+ subscribers can continue as they were up until August 21.

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