eero Home WiFi (1 eero Pro, 2 eero Beacons) For $199 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Amazon has discounted the eero Home WiFi that consists of an eero Pro and two Beacons, dropping it down to just $199. That is good for $200 off of its regular price, and it is the lowest price that we have ever seen for the eero Home WiFi, which makes this a really great deal right now.

eero Home WiFi is a mesh WiFi network that is going to provide better coverage and faster speeds in your home. This particular model is good for two to four bedroom homes and apartments. So it'll cover larger homes without leaving any deadspots which is really nice.

The eero Pro will connect to your modem, while the two Beacons can be placed elsewhere in your home, preferably close to where you normally have deadspots.


With this being a mesh WiFi network, it's going to work better with more devices on the network. Things like smart home products, which needs to be connected but don't need a ton of bandwidth. It's also good for eliminating those deadspots, as signal repeaters or extenders really aren't helpful in that matter.

You can pick up eero Home WiFi from Amazon using the link down below. If you're not already a Prime member, you will need to sign up for this 30-day free trial to get this price.

eero Home WiFi - Amazon - $199