Xfinity Mobile Adds Samsung's Galaxy A50 To Its Lineup


Xfinity Mobile announced this morning, that it is adding yet another smartphone to its ever-growing portfolio. That would be the mid-tier Samsung Galaxy A50. It'll be priced at $349, or $14.58 per month for 24 months (that's with 0-percent APR).

The Galaxy A50 is a pretty decent mid-ranger from Samsung, which has already launched on a few other networks. Galaxy A50 comes with a 6.4-inch, full HD+ display. It's powered by the Exynos 9610, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. That's going to be plenty of storage for most people, but if it isn't, there is also a micro SD card slot available. This is powered by a pretty substantial 4000mAh capacity battery. That should keep it going all day long and then some.

What really makes the Galaxy A50 a pretty impressive smartphone for its price, is the camera setup. The Galaxy A50 has three cameras on the backside. There's the 25-megapixel main sensor that does have PDAF for fast auto-focusing. Then there is also the 8-megapixel ultrawide sensor and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. There's no telephoto sensor here, but to be honest, an ultrawide angle sensor is going to be a much more useful sensor for most people.


Xfinity Mobile's senior vice president of Wireless Devices, Billy Stephens said that the "Galaxy A50 is an excellent complement to the Xfinity Mobile lineup of smartphones. We believe this launch will introduce a new segment of customers to Xfinity Mobile who love the functionality of the Galaxy line of devices, but want them at a more attractive price point."

Which is very true, Xfinity Mobile has mostly been offering up high-end, flagship smartphones. Except for the occasional LG K series smartphone. So seeing the Galaxy A50 added to the lineup is a pretty big deal. Giving customers an option, without having to spend nearly a grand for a new smartphone.

Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO carrier, which runs off of Verizon's towers. It is somewhat similar to Google Fi, where it will run on WiFi hotspots and when WiFi is not available, it will switch over to Verizon's network. Comcast has millions of hotspots and free internet available throughout the country, so this will drastically cut down on the amount of data you use. But when there's no WiFi, you do get Verizon's network, which is the best network around.


With Xfinity Mobile, you can really cut your smartphone bill in half, or even more. You will be paying by the Gig. Or, you can get unlimited for $45 per month. Once you hit 20GB of data, you will see your speeds reduced. Now if you use less than four gigabytes per month, than the pay per Gig would be a better option. But getting unlimited for $45 per month is definitely nice, as you won't need to worry about going over your cap.

You can sign up for Xfinity Mobile today, and add it to your Xfinity WiFi. If you don't have Comcast already, you will be paying a line access fee for Xfinity Mobile, about $20 per month per line. You can sign up using the link below.

Samsung Galaxy A50 - Comcast