You Can Get 3 Blink Indoor Security Cameras For $129 – Amazon Prime Day 2019


Amazon has a three-pack of its Blink Indoor Home Security Cameras on sale for just $129. That's a pretty good price, considering most of these security cameras are priced at around $129 each, instead of getting three for that same price.

These cameras from Blink are pretty cool. They are fairly small, and are also wire-free. So you can put them anywhere you want. These are indoor cameras, meaning that they are not weatherproof. So you can put them onto a window or a wall, and not worry about running power to the camera. Which is a pretty nice thing to have.

Of course, you may be wondering about the battery life, on these cameras. Well, they will last around two years. That's a pretty impressive thing. Considering most others are only about six months, for a much larger camera.


There is also free cloud storage available, so you don't need to worry about paying a monthly price for storing this data in the cloud. Which is another thing that others would charge you for. Which is a good thing, for those that are looking for something cheap.

You can pick up this three-pack of Blink Indoor Home Security Cameras from Amazon for just $129 using the link down below.

3 Blink Indoor Cameras - Amazon - $129