Top 8 Best Android Golf Lesson Apps – 2019

AH Golf Tips apps June 2019

If you love playing golf, but you’re simply not good at it… well, there are some applications that may help you improve your game. In the list down below, you will be able to find eight applications that are solely focused on teaching you how to play golf.

Some of these applications are focused on your swing only, while others are way more detailed than that. All of these apps offer explanations on how to do something, while some of them actually come with video content that will show you everything in detail.

You will not find any games here, or anything of the sort. Apps that are listed down below are not listed in any specific order, so just because one is above the other on the list does not really mean anything.


133t Golf Training

133t Golf Training is an app which brings various golf-training videos to your smartphone. All of the videos available here are actually uploaded on YouTube, but this app provides you with a categorization of those videos, so that you can focus on a sole point of your golf game. For example, it will teach you how to putt better in golf, how to make your swing better, and how to properly slice a golf ball. These are just some examples, of course.

133t Golf Training (Play Store)


Golf Master – Video Lesson

Golf Master is actually one of the best golf lesson applications in the Play Store. This app is currently holding a 4.6-star rating, with a good reason. This app is filled with video lessons, and those videos are separated into three main categories, Beginner, Swing Lessons, and PGA Player. Thanks to the video content, you will be able to see exactly what you need to do, which is the easiest way to learn. You will also get text tips along with those videos, of course.

Golf Master - Video Lesson (Play Store)


Golf Swing Tips

Golf Swing Tips is an incredibly simple application which brings a number of text tips to your phone, and those tips are expected to improve your swing. After 33 reviews, the app is holding a 4.7-star rating, so it seems like users are quite happy with this app, even though it’s so simple. These tips are aimed at beginners, for the most part, though it is worth noting that only one-fifth of tips are free, you’ll need to pay up for the rest.

Golf Swing Tips (Play Store)


Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is a smart golf training system, as the developer calls it. This is quite a versatile app, though, as it allows you to include ball tracers and voice-overs that you can include on the videos that you take. Using this app, you can record yourself golfing, and then analyze what you did later on, in detail. The app even allows you to share your rounds with the community, so you can get some tips directly from other people.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer (Play Store)



This application is also incredibly simple, it’s almost all text. As its name says, the app is all about golf swing tips, and it is divided into chapters. It is recommended you read those chapters in their order, to get the most out of it. The app also comes with a scoreboard, calendar, memory game, and even notes. All in all, you’ll be able to keep track of your gold games, using this app, which is a nice benefit.



Golf Tuition & Swing Analysis

This application features Clive Tucker, an elite European Tour Coach to Graeme McDowell. To get the most of this app, you will need to pay up, as a one-time payment will provide you with Golf Tuition videos from Clive Tucker. There are some other features to this application, but without the aforementioned videos, the app is not really compelling, so if you’re planning to install it, keep in mind that it’s not free.

Golf Tuition & Swing Analysis (Play Store)


Golf Tips

Golf Tips comes from the same developer that provided us with Golf Swing Tips, in fact, the app looks completely the same, but the tips are different. This app, unlike the other one, does not bring only tips related to golf swing tips, it brings tips for golfing in general. The app is aimed towards beginners, and it is supposed to improve your game in general. You’ll find tips for golf swings, putting tips, driving tips, and chipping tips here, though not all of them are free, the same as with the other app from this developer.

Golf Tips (Play Store)

Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons is an app which comes with a ton of golf tips, and a complete training program in fact. This app features basic and advanced exercises to practice golf. You will find all kinds of exercises in here, technical, tactical, physical, and so on. Video content is included here as well, and it will provide you with some extra guidance which is often necessary when it comes to golfing.

Golf Lessons (Play Store)